How to "clean" a LCD?

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I have kept my 2 LCD screenss pretty clean over the years. When looking straight at it, it looks fine, but when you look at it from angle, or sun shining upon it, when off or on standby, you can see streaks on the screen. I tried to clean this, but it never goes away.


This a clear black screen.

Is there a special solution that fixes this, or is it next to impossible?
I've found the best way to clean them was to use a soft cloth with luke warm water.
Thanks guys. Either I was using the wrong cloth or cleaning solution.

The cloth I used was similar to a dust cloth, was meant for cleaning devices as lcds. (It was from Wal-Mart, so go figure...)

The solution I was using is a 3M Electronic Equipment Cleaner. Supposed to be non-streaking, but I'm not sure if this or the cloth streaked it.


I don't like using any kind of cleaning fluid any any LCD or TFT screens.

A slightly damp micro-fibre cloth does the trick, just don't leave any marks on the screen for too long else you may need some elbow-grease.
I just use ASDA's own screen-cleaning kit. Surprisingly good for only a few quid. Not that that is much use to you since your equivalent to ASDA is Wal-Mart :p
brillo pad + comet

I've actually done that once... It was with an old LCD though. Scared the **** out of my mom, when she came home to me "cleaning her computer screen".

I use Electronic cleaning wipes, which you can find next to the air duster at Walmart, and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth after the wipes.
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