Help using "MS Office XP" w/ W2K Server

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How do I install/use office on a W2K Server, and use it as an application server over a network?

I heard I can do this using my recently purchased "boxed" version of "MS Office XP Pro", and install that on my W2K Server then just purchase any needed additional licenses to run it as an app service from the server. Or use the server to install to/from remote Hosts on the network.

This would save time and money by not having to purchase multiple copies of "Office" then install them separately for each individual workstation!

If anyone could provide me with any information on how to do this I would really appreciate it! I could not locate any information about this on Microsoft's website or the net.


Thanks Seloce!

That really helps me out! I could not believe how hard it was to get a feel or understanding on how to implement MS Office over a MS Windows 2K Network!

I thought MS would provide an easy way to seamlessly implement MS Office over W2K network. Seeing as how they are 2 of the same proprietary systems, and the bulk of MS income! But I guess not!

I might as well use Staroffice, Open Office, or Wordperfect Suite's over our network and save thousands of dollars!

Ahh well, I'll stop complaining now. Thanks again!

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