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I'm running Win2k server, and I want to switch to XP. I've been told the only way to do this is by formatting my HDD, and doing a clean install of XP.

But, I can't seem to find how to format my HDD (Maxtor 60GB) in Win2k. I am only using the one HDD.

Any suggestions?
You can't do it from there... you have to get ahold of a copy of FDisk, and then use this. You have to delete the partition, and then it will destroy the data on that partition. From there you recreate it, and then let it do its deal. After this you restart, insert the Windows XP CD, and voila.
if you boot from the winxp cd it will prompt you to format the partition you want to use.
Whats Fdisk and where can I get it?

Also, would i be bale to delete the partition using Fdisk?
FDisk is a DOS drive management utility. I personally advise just simply inserting the XP disc (CD if you can boot from there in your BIOS) and booting from there. It should have an option to do a clean format. If you are formatting one partition out of several, you can risk loosing all your partitions (format often means the whole drive, not just a partition.)

If you still would like to use FDisk, just somehow obtain an MS DOS boot will likely have it. You can usually download a boot image off the net...speaking of which, do any of you know sites to download them from?
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