Format XP?

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I haven't had much luck with this in the past, so before I go ahead and do anything, I'd be great to have some reinsurance from you guys.

Basically, I just want a total format and I need to know how to do it in XP properly. Maybe there's a tutorial out there for it?

Your help is appreciated, hit me back.
lol, very simple.

1. Backup ALL your stuff.

2. Boot to the Windows XP CD.

3. Choose Install > Delete all partitions > select the new unpartitioned space and hit enter > then select Format Using the NTFS filesystem.

It will do the rest for you.
Thanks Ecniv! I'll be doin' this when I get my new PC next week. ;)
I'll try and grab some pics for the image gallery. ;)
Theres some good apps out there that will write your drive to true zeros. I always like those. make sure to get all the crap outta there, windows alot of times misses stuff, and writing over the data is fine but can sometimes cause ntld errors, or nltd or whatever the hell it is /shrugs
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