Ecommerce conversion is helpful for website traffic. If yes, how ?

Yes, even a rise in website traffic can have a negative impact on conversion rates. Priorities come first. Make sure to pinpoint the source of traffic where conversion rates have decreased.
Converting visitors into paying customers is the goal of any ecommerce, but it's not solely dependent on the organic traffic values. It also has much to do with brand authority, supporting your merch with the right email campaign at the right time, and always knowing how to expand your playing field. For example, you can implement interactive elements using a custom QR code generator which will entice users to discover what's behind that part of the UI. So, aiming for a better bounce rate is an essentiality that keeps on demanding creativity even with the advent of AI tools.
E-commerce conversion is beneficial for a website because it provides benefits to the sites in many ways. It directly leads to more sales and revenue. It turns website visitors into paying customers. Once your conversion rate starts improving, than you can scale your business more efficiently. Conversion of e-commerce brings numerous benefits including increased sales, better return on investment, stronger customer relationships, and all. A good amount of conversion rate brings more and more organic traffic to the site.
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