distributed computing

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Anyone insterested in DC here? Notice there isn't any mention of it here at your site. It's a great project for those interested in OC'ing, use those clock cycles to the max!! :D
I currently use Folding@Home, though since my machine has been having too many CPU heat issues lately, I've decided to hold off until I get some better cooling solutions. :p

SETI, United Devices, and Genome@Home are some other great forms of DC.
Cool GeForce... I do Eccp, RC-5 (one box.. my Mac), Eon, & D2OL...

I did G@H for a while but quit as it wasn't working well in my situation.. we have guys who run SETI at our team site...
I run Folding@home right now, and will probably continue to. Ran seti for awhile, but I'd rather use my cycles for something that might help cure diseases, then find an alien race bent on our destruction. ;)
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