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I would like to let everyone out there know that I did not write the reviews on these games I have listed. There has been some confusion with this with me and a couple of other people. From this point forward, I will include the source on all information I post. These ratings and reviews are copyrighted by TechTV and Extended Play and I will make my best effort to include that in the reviews if they come from Sorry.
Well, to tell you the truth, just for you to know, I think that most copywritten stuff like that bears the rule:

"Not to be republished without written consent of the owners."

Not sure if that is the case with this, but im just lettin ya know.
Thankyou for that info. I know copyright laws fairly well and are aware of everyhting in the laws. Electronicly transmitted data is handled differently.
Im gonna leave that up to chopper and Geforce. Like I said, I dont really mind, its not like I dont violate a copyright or two. ;)
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