CompTIA A+ General


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CompTIA A+ General

Just a few notes one is this is all my own not copied off any one else, the next one is that i will be always updating this.

Operating System:

The purpose of an operating system is to:
-Manage the Hardware & Software on a system
-To provide a stable, way for applications to run & perform tasks.
-Provide users with a Command Line or Graphical Interface (GUI) to interact with the computer.

System Requirements:

- Windows 2000 Professional:
-CPU: Pentium 133 MHz
-RAM: 64 mb
-HDD: 650 mb (Free Space)

-Windows XP: Home, Pro, Media Centre
-CPU: Pentium II 233 MHz
-RAM: 64 mb
-HDD: 1.5 GB (Free Space)
User Interface GUI/Command Line:

Operating System User Interface

-Graphical interface (GUI)
-Using icons and pointing device to run programs.
-Command Line
-Using typed instructions to run programs.

Harddrive (HDD):

b= bit
B= Byte - 8 bits
K= Kilo – 1000/1024 Bytes
M= Mega
G= Giga
T= Tera
P= Peta
E= Exa

FAT: File Application Table
NTFS: New Technology File System
MBR: Master Boot Record
MFT: Master File Table

MFT: Master File Table – Database of all files and other details of/on the Harddrive.
Two copies of MFT:
-First copy after master boot record. -Second copy towards the centre or the disk.

NTFS Supports -8.3 File Names
-Long File Names (LFN) – 255 Characters
-Local File and Folder Security (NTFS4+)
-Disk Quotas (NTFS5+)
-Local File and Folder Encryption (NTFS5+)

Maximum Theoretical Partition Size 16 EB. (17,179,869,184 GB)
File Names Not Allowed: \ /:*?”<>|

File Attributes:
-Control certain file characteristics.
-Attributes are viewed/modified from – File Properties Dialog Box, Command Prompt and “attrib” command.

All System Files are automatically hidden by the operating system.


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hey thats cool im currently doing my A+ essentials and A+ technician and ive got a similar, notes ill post a link if any1 wants to have a read,

im only on the components bit and storage so i got a lon way to go


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Man, this can help me to study, both guilds. Now i just have to wait for tax returns so i can pay for the test, and then im going to be happy


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don't mean to change the subject but dont we get like 300 more dollars this year on our tax returns?


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thankx for the sweet comment guys yer i will be updating as i type ok.

Oh and can you guys help with me with the reping 2 would much apresiate it...


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nice doc ssc456 yer we are doing cpu's 2moro, we went ova psu's 2day and i cant wait till friday coz we start our build OH YER.


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Man, this can help me to study, both guilds. Now i just have to wait for tax returns so i can pay for the test, and then im going to be happy
Ok, that doesnt just change the subject, that flings it in a whole new direction.

But as far as the A+ stuff goes, thanks a bunch. Great stuff, im hoping i can get my certification soon.