Compaq Armada M700 smoked

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My Compaq armada M700 have accidentally been connected to an AC/DC supply from HP. The result is a smoked motherboard. HP/Compac do only changeout a complete board ($1000) but the component Q22 is a $1. Can anyone help me with the component value/type for Q22 /Bengt
SMD component marked .01
Have no clue, but the translation of 01 is a amp from MiniCircuits
(Gali-1). Wrong package.
haha, I told you guys. ummm...I agree, get a new computer. That computer, I have never heard of. I actually think, if I am right, that that is one of their little Windows CE powered PDA/mini notebook things.
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No we are not lost but if you give us more details, we can help you. And I assure you that the Americans have more intellegence then any other nation of the world. To your question.... REPHRASE your question so we understand you.
I´ll leave the political issues for now without further comments.
Here is my problem:
My Compaq Armada m700 notebook ( PIII laptop ) has accidentally got connected to a HP AC/DC power supply. Since these former divided companies use reverse polarity on the DC connector and no protection diode is present in the Compaq, one tiny component got fryed at the mobo of the Compaq. The component is located just beneath the CRT connecrtor on the upper side. Component position is Q22.
It is a tiny SMD component marked 01. I need to know manufacturer and type in order to find a replacement. I do not wish to trash a $1200 PC. An easy way out here is if somone has got hold of the schematic diagram.
You will not get a schematic of a compaq PC. those are guarded closer than fort knox. best thing I could suggest is to search ebay for a broken armada of your model and use the part from there.
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