Cheap Motherboards With High Spec


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ok well not so much high spec, but take this for example,

ok its mATX so shoot me, but it supports 1333 Mhz FSB quad core processors, 800Mhz RAM (overlcocked)

8 usb ports high def audio,

well my question is why would the basic computer user, not a gamer a friend of mine who gave me a budget of £300, why would he spend £80 - £120 on a motherboard instead of this ?

can these cheap boards (theres loads about|) really handle CPU's such as the Q6600 and handle 4 Gb 800 Mhz RAM if so then again i ask why should he spend more ?


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Many micro atx models just like the one seen there only see two dimm slots providing a 4gb max if that will run 2gb size dimms to start with. Most micros are limited on features being compact boards to start with size wise.

For the most part if you were going to use a mini atx case you would have to select a micro atx model board for use there. For seeing a good number of options in a mid to full tower case then you look at full size boards especially those that fit your actual needs plus not just based on price alone.