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hey i have a win xp and i cant find the cd key i was just wondering could i use a diff cd key for that cd or does each cd have a specific cd key and if they do any ways of finding it{im trying 2 re-format???}
I do not believe you need same CD key. What we do here is we install Windows on different computers but we buy seperate license (different keys). Different CD Keys work for us. Just make sure you purchase a license for Windows XP.
hmm ya but i cant find that "WindowsXP Product Key Viewer.exe" anywere, all the sites about it lead to other sites wich dont have it, any help?
The cd key is always stored in the registry

you can always get it from there if you forgot to keep it in a safe place.

go for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
and in the right pane there is a string named "ProductKey" which has the key.

This is for win98 but its the same for every flavour anyway...:D
ohh ya i have that i wanna find out what the cd key is for a certain win xp cd not the 1 i have installed already, i wanna know if each cd key needs a certain cd key 2 be used and if it does how do i find that out for each cd key?
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