Building my first computer

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dark knlght

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Hello I have recently been looking into buying a coputer but a friend suggested that I build one. So I bought a barebone kit which came with a case,motherboard,cpu,cooling fan for the cpu, power box and I purchased a cd-rom DVD burner seperate. Everything was going smothly until i noticed I had no ram but i was interested in seeing if what i had hooked up was working correctly so i pluged it to the outlet and tried to turn it on but it didn't. nothing was working not even the cpu fan which i am positive is hooked up correctly so my question is; was it my putting together that is wrong or will a computer not take in power without a ram or hard drive hooked up. and if i screwed up my computer by trying to turn it one in the early stages of development.

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first of all relax:) evreything is fine, your computer is fine :)

1. It would still turn on without ram, just it would beep endlessly.

I know, but double check the wires and make sure evreything is secure.


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it doesnt have a hard drive though, maybe that is it?

isnt all the data stored on the hard drive? like interfaces for hardware and such? i know windows XP is on the hard drive, so some of that would be on there, like ram interface...

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