Banner/Link Exchange


In Runtime
I am willing to exchange links on these websites- (Aproximately 4000 uniques everyday)
A web solutions site, offers hosting & more as you can see on the top right banner on CF:D (Aproximately 800 Uniques Everyday)
Entertainment website, features metal/rock/humour online radiostation. Forums & downloads too. (Currently in final phase of construction)
New Community based website discussing alien life, UFO sightings, conspiracies & such. Also has a VAST video & photo gallery. I expect about 15,000 uniques everyday once the website is in full swing (within a week.)

PS- I know that some of you may be unable to access & as there is an issue with the website's DNS settings right now. It will be reachable globally within 24 hours.

If you are interested in trading links, reply here. Also, you can post your own requests/offers for link exchanges in this thread.