50 Places Running Linux That You Might Not Expect

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50 Places Running Linux That You Might Not Expect

Focus has posted a really interesting list of 50 places running Linux. Some of the companies and places on the list are obvious but others just may surprise you.

Linux is hovering just beneath 1% of the overall market share in operating systems. And although that might sound like a small number, Linux is far more than just a fringe OS. In fact, it's running in quite a few more places than you probably suspect. Below are fifty places Linux is running today in place of Windows or Mac.
Very interesting read. Some of the results on there didn't surprise me, such as Google. But it was interesting to hear just how extensive certain companies have taken Linux to customize it to their exact needs. Very, very interesting indeed.
Cisco Systems, the computer networking and routing giant, switched to Linux after vowing to use Microsoft's Active Directory solution for its servers." Indeed, the deal was so celebrated that Cisco management dubbed them to be an "all Microsoft" company according to AAX.net. In an imfamous turn of events, however, Cisco's own IT staff could not get its network printign to work properly using Windows NT and were thus forced to switch to Linux, which has yet to cause similar problems to our knowledge.
Thought that was pretty funny :p.
It's one thing to hear companies running Linux on servers, and even desktops now-a-days... but what kind of surprised me was how Linux is ran on that airline they talked about for entertainment purposes with their TV systems, or whatever it was.

That kind of raised an eyebrow. Pretty interesting.
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Yea, they made a lot of not so interesting places look gorgeous as well... You see the pic of macedonia? *drools* thats my dream home. Just imagine eating breakfast on the balcony overlooking the sea (assuming there's a balcony on the other side ;))

Hotmail used to run all there stuff on FreeBSD, then they moved over to server 2003 had a massive pain in the rectum with load issues then moved back for a bit then moved on to something else.
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