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Default Computer Refuses to Post.

Okay heres what is happening

Recently installed a quad core (Q6600 G0 Revision), and since friday i've been trying to see if I could get it to overclock.. with lots of problems I might add.

So Saturday night it was, I was messing with it for a few hours, fluccuating the voltages to try and find something stable, and within the course of the session the bios locks up.. then I reboot, go back in.. and it does it again.. so I decide to just give it a rest.. later I come back in after a long nap.. and it said bios bad checksum, press F1 to load defaults.. so I load.. go in.. and it doesnt lock up.

So again, some more fiddling.. and no luck. So I shut it down, go off to work.. I come home and try to turn it on.. it refuses to post, I get the beep.. like it was going to post but the monitor doesnt come on. Then I hear the familiar sounds of the floppy drive clicking (like usual) and the DVD rom drive spinning up (like usual) but no hard drive activity (as if it were loading windows).

So I try to reset the bios using the onboard reset button for it (Striker Extreme has em), I hold it for ten seconds (this always worked in the past when I couldnt get to post) and power back on.. and nothing again, I tried several times and it absolutely refuses to post at all.

So I am at a loss here.. I mean there are a multitude of things I could try.. but its allot of work.

(System Specs for the curious)

Core 2 Quad (Q6600 G0)
Exos-2 Liquid Cooling (CPU Block only)
Striker Extreme (1301 Bios)
2gig of corsair PC6400 C5
600 Watt Power Supply (Been so long I forgot the brand)
BFG Geforce 8800 GTS 640MB
Creative Labs Fata1ity X-Fi Platinum

I have spare DDR2 ram, a spare processor (E6600), a extra video card ( in my media computer.. Geforce 8500)

So my money is on the bios being corrupt somehow.. or the motherboard messing up, something fried.. just not sure.. was thinking about trying my spare parts one by one to see what gets eliminated.. so I know what to replace.

So any help would be greatly appreciated in this matter.. anyone have this happen before? or anyone know what could be wrong? or by chance how to fix it?

Thanks for your time

Though my money is on that the bios have gone corrupt

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Default Re: Computer Refuses to Post.

If you can tell me what kind of Bios your Motherboard runs (E.g Phoenix, Award) and what kind of beep you specifically get would be much more help to me figuring this out

Heres something that might help you:

P3 Setup- Intel 1.0ghz , 512Mb SDRAM , ATI 9200 128MB, 2x 40GB HD, Asus CUSL-LV

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Default Re: Computer Refuses to Post.

Check your hard drive connections. Everything else is spinning up but it, so that would be my first plan of attack.

You could always flash the BIOS (if you can get to it, or if the floppy is in the boot-up sequence).
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Default Re: Computer Refuses to Post.

Interestingly enough I somehow managed to have fixed it. I was JUST about to go to bed for the evening when I thought i'd try something totally off the wall..

All I did was unplug one of the fans that I had plugged into the CPU fan monitor (to prevent an error) .. so I forced an error in bios and low and behold it popped on.

All my hardware seems to be fine, but still worries me that it wouldn't post one minute.. but was fine the next.

anyways.. to answer some questions.. it is award bios... the 'beep' at the beginning is normal, it always beeps once when you boot it up. When there is an error with hardware or something, it beeps 3 times. (like when I unplugged the CPU fan)

I have no idea what caused it.
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Default Re: Computer Refuses to Post.

Dunno, the striker is a 680i board, and from my reading, the 680i's like to die due to nvidia chipsets being crap. I'm in the process of rma'ing my evga 680i because it wouldnt post either. No amount of begging pleading or coercing would get it to post. It would always crap out at the memory error. So i think my memory controller died on it.
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