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Default I am a bombay gamer king....

Hi i am a gamer enthusiast and have been playing games since 2000 experience in all mostly all games played on nvidia as well as atiradeon graphic cards.
These are the games i have played so far....
Tom Clancey rainbow six lockdown/splinter cell double agent/ pandora tomorrow( i love it)
EA sports F1 2002 ( and it goes on and on....)
Operation Flashpoint dragon rising (best game ever)
Matrix path of neo (incredible hulk shies away)
Men of valor/ marine sharpshooter 2jungle warfare
Operation flashpoint red river
Just cause 2
Apache air assault 2010
Jekyll and hyde
My fav death to spies moment of truth...
Battlefield bad company
Terminator salvation (i couldn't believe my eyes)
Sega rally (boring)
Aliens versus predator 2 (nice)
Freedom fighters (cool)
Brothers in arms earned in blood (nice scenarios)
Stalker call of pripyat ( best game ever award winner 2020)
Prince of persia two thrones
Metro 2033 (best of the best)
Batman arkham asylum (my fav laughing gas)
Battlefield 2 (cool)
Call of duty 2
Call of duty world at war (cool)
Doom 3 (best sci fi)
Cold fear
Blood rayne2
Medal of honour airborne (best of the best)
Quake 4
Racedriver grid
Bioshock (imagination bewielderment)
Cold fear
Silent hunter 3
SRS street racing
FEAR (nice)
Evil dead regeneration (is this real?)
WWE raw 2 (ok)
Ghost recon advanced warfighter
Call of duty 4 modern warfare
Vietcong 2
Test Drive unlimited (best game i have ever seen)
Brothers in arms trilogy (best brain workout)
Age of empires the asian dynasties
WWF golden belt championship
Chessmaster grandmaster edition
Sherlock Holmes the awakened
Call of duty
Call of duty MW3
Half life 2 (best game of the century awardwinner)
1944 battle of the bulge
The playboy mansion gold edition (worst cd i had unluckily bought but its ok)
Caesar 3
James bond 007 nightfire (beyond imaginations entertainment)
Battlefield 1942
Terminator 3 war of the machines (cool)
Garfield ( my first game cd i had bought nice very nice)
Brothers in arms road to hill 30 (coolest game ever)
Age of empires collection
Far Cry (Nicest)
Need for speed underground (cool)
Call of duty black ops
Medal of honor gold edition
Fallout 3 (interesting)
Painkiller overdose
Deep Fritz 9 chess
Conflict vietnam
Mx vs Atv unleashed (nice)
Resident evil 4 (best game award winner 2010)
Red jets
Death to spies
Delta force (worst than i had ever expected lol)
2142 Battlefield (best sci-fi ever)
Marine sharpshooter 2
Wings over vietnam (my long time fav i never had to play ms flight simulator)
Arma 2
hope this gaming never ceases enjoyment.....i never had to buy Xbox 360 neither playstation its for kindergarten age 8
To all the gamer tv enthusiasts across the world usa canada, europe, asia......please include me as me too is not lagging behind.....of years pertaining 2008 to 2011.
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