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do you have AOL instant messanger by any chance Monster? that would be one way. I know there is a way to direct connect with LimeWire too but have never used it but that would have to be faster. AOL is slow as sh__. The file is just over 300mb an ISO that works in my Daemon tools

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Tyler, just as an example, show me where I can find drivers for my Canon Pixma 750. I'd be very impressed if you could. Canon said they have no plans to develop drivers, even tthough I only just bought the device. At the moment I'm using 780 drivers, but the scanner section won't work, and the printer doesn't have all it's features.
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I sent you an IM through AOL Monster. can you see it?
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All the hardware that is supported in Windows XP x64 either with built-in drivers in the OS or with additional drivers that you need to download. The list is sorted alphabetically by vendor, below are listed the supported models and/or series followed by a link to drivers download page

NEWER Canon printers have almost NO support, either in Windows or from Canon.

- Wildcat Realizm 100
- Wildcat Realizm 200
- Wildcat Realizm 500
- Wildcat Realizm 800

- 7000 Series
- 7500 Series
- 8500 Series
- 7506 Series
- 8506 Series
- 7006-2/8006-2 Series
- 9000 Series

- Supported motherboards:

- Desktops: Veriton 3700GX, Veriton 5700GX, Veriton 7700GX
- Notebooks: Ferrari 3200, Ferrari 3400, Ferrari 4000, TravelMate 4400, Aspire1520, Aspire5020

- Ultra320 for the 29320(A) and 39320(A) series cards with HostRaid enabled
- Serial ATA for Adaptec Raid cards running BIOS/Firmware 7348 and above
- RAID for Adaptec Raid cards running BIOS/Firmware 7348 and above

- AMD-8000 Series Core Logic (Chipset),00.html

- ARC-11xx Series (4/8/12/16-ports PCI-X-to-SATA ll RAID Controller), ARC-12xx Series (4/8/12/16-ports PCI-E-to-SATA ll RAID Controller)

- Motherboards s.754: K8Upgrade-NF3, K8Upgrade-VM800, K8Upgrade-760GX, K8Upgrade-PCIE, K8Upgrade-1689, K8 Combo-Z, K8A8X-M
- Motherboards s.939: 939S56-M, 939Dual-SATA2, 939A8X-M, K8 Combo-Z

- FireGL Visualization Series (V7100/V5100/V5000/V3200/V3100)
- FireGL X3, X2, X1, Z1, T2 Series
- RADEON X850, X800, X700, X600, X300, 9500 series and above - Radeon Xpress 200 chipset series

- Active ISDN-Controllers B1 PCI v4.0, C2 and C4

- NetXtreme BCM57xx
- Support for other models is built-in Windows

- Color Multifunction Machines: MFC-210C, MFC-3100C, MFC-3200C, MFC-3220C, MFC-3240C, MFC-3320CN, MFC-3340CN, MFC-3420C, MFC-3820CN, MFC-420CN, MFC-4420C, MFC-4820C, MFC-5100C, MFC-5200C, MFC-5440CN, MFC-5840CN, MFC-620CN
- Monochrome Multifunction Machines: MFC-4800, MFC-6800, MFC-7220, MFC-7225N, MFC-7420, MFC-7820N, MFC-8220, MFC-8440, MFC-8500, MFC-8420, MFC-8820D, MFC-8820DN, MFC-8840D, MFC-8840DN, MFC-9700, MFC-9800
- FAX Machines: FAX-1800C, FAX-1820C, FAX-1840C, FAX-1920CN, FAX-1940CN, FAX-2440C, FAX-2820, FAX-2900, FAX-2920, FAX-3800, FAX-4100, FAX-4750e, FAX-5750e
- Digital Copier/Printers: DCP-1000, DCP-1400, DCP-7020, DCP-8020, DCP-8025D, DCP-8040, DCP-8045D
- Monochrome Laser Printers: HL-1230, HL-1435, HL-1440, HL-1450/1470N, HL-1650/1670N, HL-1850/1870N, HL-2040, HL-2070N, HL-2460, HL-5030/HL-5040, HL-5050/HL-5070, HL-5140, HL-5150D, HL-5170DN, HL-6050D, HL-6050DN, HL-7050/HL-7050N, HL-8050N
- Support for other models is built-in Windows

- Limited support for some Printers/MFD/Copiers is built-in Windows
- Printers with built-in support in the OS are: BJ-10e, BJ-10ex, BJ-10sx, BJ-20, BJ-30, BJ-100, BJ-130, BJ-130e, BJ-200, BJ-200e, BJ-200ex, BJ-230, BJ-300, BJ-330, BJC-1000,BJC-2000, BJC-210, BJC-2100, BJC-240, BJC-250, BJC-3000, BJC-4000, BJC-4100, BJC-4200, BJC-4300, BJC-4400, BJC-4550, BJC-50, BJC-55, BJC-600, BJC-6000, BJC-600e, BJC-610, BJC-620, BJC-70, BJC-7000, BJC-80, BJC-800, BJC-8000, BJC-820, BJC-85, S400, S450
- PIXMA iP series printers should have drivers available in November/December
- Canon i9900 already has a x64 driver available

- Host Controller Modems (CX11247/CX06834) support built-in Windows
- Controller Base Modems (CX8130, DS56-L144-151, CX06827, CX81801, CX20493, CX11253) support built-in Windows
- Soft Modems (CX11252, CX11256, CX06836, CX11254-31, CX11254-512, CX20468, CX20493) support built-in Windows

- Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Pro, Audigy 2 ZS, other Audigy 2 Series, Live! 24-bit
- MP3 Players Zen Micro (PDE), Zen Xtra (PDE), Zen Touch (PDE) - beta version available!
- Other MP3 Players and Keyboards and Mice with built-in support in Windows
- Creative WebCam Instant

- Beta USB LCD Drivers

- Audio AC'97/Azalia: CMI9880, CMI-9738A/9739/9761/9780 are available trough the sites of motherboard manufacturers using these chips (Asrock, Asus, Gigabyte...)

- Official support for: UA-1000, UA-101, UA-25, UA-20, UA-5, UA-3FX, UA-1EX, UA-700, UM-880, UM-550, UM-3, UM-2EX/2, UM-1EX/1SX/1X/1S/1, PCR-M1/M30/M50/M80/30/50/80, PC-50, PCR-A30, PCR-1, SD-90/80/20 and M-100FX

- Fibre Channel 2Gb and 4Gb LightPulse HBAs with built-in support in Windows

- Large Format Printers: Stylus Color 3000, Stylus Pro 5000 with built-in support in Windows
- Inkjet Printers: Stylus COLOR 800, Stylus Photo, Stylus Photo 700, Stylus Photo EX, Stylus COLOR 850, Stylus COLOR 440, Stylus COLOR 640, Stylus COLOR 740, Stylus Photo 750, Stylus Photo 1200, Stylus COLOR 900, Stylus Photo 870, Stylus COLOR 1160, Stylus COLOR 1520, Stylus Photo 1270, Stylus Photo 2000P, Stylus COLOR 860, Stylus COLOR 760, Stylus COLOR 670, Stylus COLOR 980, Stylus COLOR 680, Stylus COLOR 777 with built-in support in Windows
- Multi Function Inkjet Printers: Stylus Photo RX600, Stylus Photo RX500, Stylus Photo RX510, Stylus Photo RX420, Stylus Photo RX425, Stylus Photo RX620 with built-in support in Windows
- Page Printers: EPL-N4000, EPL-N4000+, EPL-5800, EPL-N1600, EPL-N2010, EPL-N2700, EPL-N2050, EPL-N2750, EPL-N1210, EPL-N1610, EPL-C8000, EPL-C8200, AcuLaser C2000, AcuLaser C8500 with built-in support in Windows
- Dot Matrix Printers: FX-880, DLQ-3000+, LQ-670, LQ-2170/LQ-2600K, FX-1180, FX-2180, DFX-8500, LQ-2180/LQ-1900K II+, LQ-2080/LQ-1600K4/+, FX-980, LQ-570e/LQ-580/LQ-580K+, LX-300+, LQ-680/680K/680C/680Pro/680K Pro with built-in support in Windows
- Digital Cameras: Photo PC 2100Z, Photo PC 3100Z/3200Z, L-300, L-400, L-410, R-D1 with built-in support in Windows
- Picture Viewers: P-1000, P-2000 with built-in support in Windows

- Waveterminal U24/U2A, GIGAPort AG/DG

- 110L Tape Autoloader, 221L Tape Library, Magnum 1x7 Tape Autoloader, Magnum 8x143 Tape Library

- PC-Link Card Readers: GemPC Key, GemPC Twin, GemPC USB, GemPC Serial, GemPC Card, GemPC433 SL/SW, GemPC Keyboard USB Pro


- RocketRAID 2220, RocketRAID 1810A, RocketRAID 1820A, RocketRAID 1640, RocketRAID 1544, RocketRAID 1542, RocketRAID 464, RocketRAID 454, RocketRAID 404, RocketRAID 133, RocketRAID 100, Rocket 100

HiTeC Digital Audio
- X-Mystique 7.1 Gold beta driver

- Printers: Business Inkjet 3000/2800/2300, Color LaserJet 5550, Color LaserJet 4610n/4650, Color LaserJet 3500/3550/3700, Color LaserJet 2550L, DeskJet Series, LaserJet 9050/9040, LaserJet 4350/4250/4240, LaserJet 2400, LaserJet 1300/1320/1160/1150, Photosmart 8700/8400/8100 Series, Photosmart 7900/7800/7700/7600/7500/7400/7300/7200/7100 Series, Photosmart 1300/1200/1100/1000 Series, Photosmart 370/320 Series, Photosmart100/130/140 Series
- MFPs: Color LaserJet 9500mpf, LaserJet 4345mfp, LaserJet 9040 mfp, LaserJet 9055mfp, LaserJet 9065mfp, OfficeJet Series, Photosmart All-in-One Series, PSC All-in-One 2350/2353/2355/2355v/2355xi/1600/1500/1300/1200/1100/900/700/500
- There is also a workaround to enable the support for some unsupported models...

- Ethernet: Gigabit, 10 Gigabit
- Matrix Storage Technology: (ICH5R/ICH6R/ICH7R)
- Graphics Media Accelerator: Extreme Graphics, Extreme Graphics 2, GMA 900, GMA 950

- Printer drivers for: magicolor 7300, magicolor 5450, magicolor 3300, magicolor 3100, magicolor 2450, magicolor 2350, magicolor 2300DL, PagePro 1250E, magicolor 2430DL, magicolor 5430DL, magicolor 5440DL

Leadtek (unofficial!!!)
- WinFast TV2000 XP EXPERT, WinFast DV2000, WinFast DTV1000 (Digital TV/DVB-T), WinFast DTV1000 OEM also known as LR6650 (Digital TV/DVB-T), WinFast DTV2000 (Hybrid, LR6652 PCB:A)
- Works with the models that use CX23880/CX23881/CX23882/CX23883 chipa!, the connexant driver is available here:

- Color Printers: 3200 Color JetPrinter, 5700 Color JetPrinter, Z11, Z12, Z22, Z31, Z32, Z42, Z51, Z52
- Support for other printers built-in Windows

- SetPoint drivers (keyboard/mouse drivers),OSID=11
- Support for Racing Wheels, Game Pads, Joysticks built-in Windows, but no force feedback available unless you download the Logitech Gaming Software for 64-bit Windows XP

LSI Logic
- SCSI: Serial Attach SCSI (SAS), U320 SCSI, U320 SCSI RAID HBAs
- Fibre Channel: 2Gig Fibre Channel HBAs, 4Gig Fibre Channel HBAs

- Yukon GigE, Yukon VCT

- Matrox Millennium G400 / Matrox Millennium G400 MAX
- Matrox Millennium G450
- Matrox G450 MMS
- Matrox QID, QID Pro, QID Low Profile, and QID Low Profile PCIe
- Matrox Millennium G550 and G550 Low-profile
- Matrox Millennium P750 and P650
- Matrox Millennium P650 PCIe 128
- Matrox P650 Low-Profile PCI
- Matrox Parhelia 256MB PCI
- Matrox Parhelia 128MB and 256MB AGP

- Bluetooth: BToes (MS-6970), MS-6967,MS-6971
- Motherboard drivers
- Videocard drivers

- Delta Series, Audiophile 2496, FireWire Series
- Beta drivers

- ATA/SATA Storage RAID controllers: SyncRAID Family support built-in Windows

Nebula Electronics
- DigiTV USB (beta drivers!)

- 10 Gigabit Ethernet: Xframe, Xframe II support built-in Windows

- Graphics Drivers: Geforce and TNT2, Quadro, Geforce Go Mobile
- Chipset Drivers: Nforce3 150, Nforce3 150 Pro, Nforce3 250, Nforce3 250 Pro, Nforce 4 4X/Ultra/SLI

- Support for: WAVIO SE-90PCI, SE-150PCI

- Serial ATA controllers

- Fibre Channel HBAs: 23xx Series, 24xx Series support built-in Windows
- iSCSI HBAs: 4010 support built-in Windows

- 11g-RT2500 Wireless (PCI/MiniPCI/CardBus/USB), R61 (PCI/MiniPCI/CardBus)

- Razer Diamondback Mouse (beta drivers!)

- 10/100 Ehternet: RTL8139(A/B/C/D/8130)/810X series
- Gigabit Ethernet: RTL8169, RTL8110SB(L), RTL8169SB(L), RTL8110S, RTL8169S
- Wireless: RTL8181, RTL8180L
- Audio AC'97: ALC880, ALC882, ALC86, ALC850, ALC658, ALC655, ALC650, ALC260, ALC250, ALC203, ALC100/P, ALC101, ALC201/A, ALC202/A

- Printers: Aficio Series, Afcio AP Series, Color Laser AP204/AP305, Afcio MP01, Laser AP Series, LP-1200, PC Laser 6000-PS support built-in Windows

Saitek Game accessories
- Cyborg evo
- Cyborg evo Wireless
- P880 Pad
- P3000 Wireless Pad
- X45 Flight System
- X52 Flight Controller
- Gamers' Keyboard

Seagull Scientific
- Thermal Label Printers by: Argox, ASTECH, Automated Packaging Systems, Autonics, Avery Dennison, Birch, Brady, C.ITOH, cab, Century Systems, Citizen, Cognitive, Comtec, Datamax, Datasouth, Eltron, ETISYS, Godex, IBM, Imaje, Intermec, Meto, Metrologic, MICROPLEX, Monarch, Novexx, Okabe Marking Systems, Pitney Bowes, Pressiza, Printronix, QuickLabel Systems, Ring, Samsung, SATO, System Wave, TEC, Tharo, Thermopatch, ThermoTex, TSC, Tyco, Unimark, Valentin, VIPColor, Wedderburn, Zebra
- The list of all supported models

Silicon Image
- Serial ATA controller drivers

- SATA/RAID: SiS965L, SiS180, SiS964, SiS965
- AGP(GART): SiSM661MX, SiSM661FX, SiS655TX, SiS661FX, SiS735, SiS740, SiS741, SiS741GX, SiS745, SiS746, SiS746FX, SiS748, SiS755, SiS755FX, SiS760, SiS635, SiS645, SiS650, SiS650GL, SiS645DX, SiS648, SiS648FX, SiS648MX, SiS650GX, SiS651, SiS655, SiS655FX, SiSM741, SiSM760, SiSM650
- UniVGA3 Graphics: SiS760GX, SiSM661MX, SiSM661FX, SiS661FX, SiSM760, SiS760, SiSM650, SiS760, SiS741GX, SiS740, SiS741, SiS651, SiS650GX, SiS650GL, SiS650, SiSM741
- SiS7012 Audio
- SiS190 Gigabit LAN & SiS191 LAN: SiS965L, SiS965

- TouchPads
- Pointing Sticks

- SCSI Host Adapters: DC-315/395 Series

- Support built-in Windows

- Chipset Drivers: M1695, M1689, M1687, M5455, M5228, M5289, M5281, M5287, M5289

- USR5610B 56K Performance Pro Modem
- USR5686D, USR5686E, USR325686E 56K V.92 External Faxmodem
- USR997904 10/100/1000 64-bit PCI NIC Card

- Integrated Graphics: M800/K8N800, P4M800/CE/Pro
- IDE/RAID: VT8237, VT6420, VT6421, VT6410
- Ethernet: VT8237, VT8235, VT8231, VT8233/A/C, VT6107, VT6106H VT6106L, VT6106S (Rhine & Rhine II), VT6105/L/LOM, VT6106, VT6105M (Rhine III), Velocity VT6120, VT6122
- Audio AC'97: VT82C686A, VT82C686B, VT1616, VT1617, VT1612A
- Chipsets: K8T800, K8T800Pro, K8T890, K8M800

- USB versions of Intuos3, Intuos2, Intuos and CintiqPartner pen tablets and the Cintiq 21UX, Cintiq 18SX, Cintiq 15X and PL-400/500 pen displays
- Serial tablets are not supported on Windows x64

- Printer/Copiers Drivers: 3006, 4505/10, DCS 35, Document Centre, DC 240/255/265, DC2045/2060, DocuPrint, 4517/4520, 4700/4900, 8808/8812, 4915/4920/4925, DocuColor 40/5750, DP1300/DP900, 4200 Series, DT, DT6100/15/35/55/80, DocuTech, DCS 20/35, DWC Pro 610, 4215/19/20/30, MajestiK, Phaser 1235, Regal support built-in Windows

XGI (Trident)
- Volari Duo
- Volari V8
- Volari V5
- Volari V3
- Volari XP5
- Blade 3D (Trident)

BT8x8-based TV-Tuners
- Use K!TV 64-bit beta version that has generic BT8x8 drivers
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Originally posted by JoeF
I sent you an IM through AOL Monster. can you see it?
what is you SN?
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it says you are you msn messenger?
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that's weird because I am online huh no I don't use msn. I guess I could set it up. let me see what's going on with aol one sec

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