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That doesn't clear anything up.

What I am hearing is that a member of Microsoft's Anti-Piracy task force is telling people that it's ok to violate the EULA. Bottom line, to clear some things up; Is it ok to violate Microsoft's End User License Agreement under any circumstances? And if so, please tell me what those circumstances are so I can avoid possible future litigation.

I mean after all you can tell children not to smoke all you want, but how well do you think that message is going to come across if, while you're telling them, you light up?


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I have to say, you both have valid points!!! I agree with MSne on his statements to educate and provide alternate opportunities to Software Clients,,, how many people REALLY a) read a EULA and b) understand the EULA,,,

I am an MCSE,, in my role I am also to protect the interest of M$ at the Daily interactive level or I jeopordize my status,,, However, I too, choose to EDUCATE over PENALIZE end users , which I believe MSne is trying to convey....

On the otherhand for STRAIGHT LACERS like yourself Albion,, You live by your beliefs and dont preach to others,, like the Bible states: man was given the freedom of choice,, and as such we CHOOSE our own path to travel,,, who are you to Sneer or Patronize another individual on THEIR beliefs?? Surely Albion you are not a preacher, judge, jury member, nor executioner! You made your point, now let it go,,

It is people with such narrow-mindedness as yours, that have many of the predicaments in life in place as it is,,, Open your mind and see the value to what MSne is offering,, AND GRAB THE PIPE AT THE NEXT TURN!!!

MSne, I appreciate all your inputs, views, and Knowledge!!

Power to the People!! If it werent for Users, no one would be making money now would they!??!

Now Lets get back to something Technical ,, shall we??


Crash Abbott

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good enough for me Crash.
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I am interested in not having to save and buy another copy to use
on a new DAW system I am "trying to complete(sometime)".
I heard once somehing to the effect that Mr. Bill wants every pc to have its own licensed copy of xp, or in other words he's very much against an owner of the software using it on but one pc, meaning his hands remain in my pockets even after the sale.
I have an HP desktop with its oem copy of xp, and a laptop with its own oem copy of xp. I have with the laptop a 2-disk set of re-install data,and since my Pavilion did not have any that came with it, I asked HP and they sent me a 7-disk set of (data to re-install xp).
As I said, I am trying to construct a new DAW for multitrack recording audio to disk only which is obviously going to need an OS.
Can I install from one of the setup disk sets I have?

PS Thanks in advance for any help!
I happen to have a number of other questions to ask in support of my new venture(involving new things I've committed to about which I am not experienced)
<serial ATA RAID configuring, to co-op with legacy interface>
<other stuff I can't at the moment recall, but will def. come to me>
<Asus P4P800 MBoard>
<Two Raptors>
<My plan was to "upgrade" my HP desktop but its non-ATX
measurements negates that, so>
<I will add a processor with an old case I've modified to handle
12"x9.6" MB, and 4 drives, with room to spare, for air-flow>
<As always, insecurity abounds, as to my ability to pull it off,
(building my first pc, a monster DAW>
<So I am impelled to reconsider the MB route, in favor of just adding a PCI card to enable SATA for my 2 Raptors in RAID 0.>
< I realize I am sometimes hard to decipher, so thanks much>

Repeat basic question for this post:

(Using back-up disks from my laptop or my desktop)

Can I install a second copy of the xp software on new pc build?

(So far I have not been asked for activation mess.)

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You won't be able to use your HP reinstall disks to install XP on anything but the computers they're made for. They are designed to install a specific set of programs and drivers, and they won't let you install on anything but the HP computers they are made for.
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posted by CrashAbbott
... What happened next was that the SUPERVISOR password kicked in as further security measure,, however, the owner and vendor knew nothing about the password!!

in short, cost an additional $185 US to have the little security chip replaced and the HDD wiped!
(((((CrashAbbott))))) I feel for you, that HAD to hurt! When I first got my Grouch (yep, that's her name) I went to install a small HD just for tunes and ran into the password problem... It was simple enough for me though.. I called the store and told them I didn't pay ^%#%#$% money for a machine just to have them password it and if they didn't call me back with the passwords, I'd be down there raising hell... well they called me back with them . Red hair is good for something I suppose...

I don't know why you are being so uptight about this. It is just good business practice for Microsoft not to get anal about people using the same OS on a couple different computers IN THEIR OWN HOME. Those stipulations are so that you don't hand a copy of your OS out willy-nilly to anybody who comes along... that's where it cuts into their profits.... I plan on building 2 more computers for my kids to play on so I can have mine to myself... as if I'm going to run out and buy 2 new OS disks for a pentium and pentiumII systems that will never be on the net and used to play yatzee, scrabble and other school-related stuff. When I buy a new comp sometime (in oh the next 10 years??? I'm that broke..) then I'll buy a new OS with it. Until then, I am quite happy with my 98SE.


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