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Default Wall-mounted computer?

I saw this idea in a magazine over Christmas break and I wanted to see what other people thought. Basically, a guy didn't have enough room in his office to put a desktop, so he built himself a case and bought a few customized parts and managed to build a pair of computers that he mounted on his wall. They're only about 2(?) inches thick or less, and look like high-tech pieces of modern art. Unfortunately, they were running some old hardware, so these weren't top of the line computers. I was considering doing something like this myself. Not to save space, but just because I can. As far as the case goes, I would build that myself(probably out of aluminum with a plexiglass front cover), but I'm not sure what other parts I could use in the computer. What components would work best and fit? I'd be looking to make this a gaming system. Right now I'm not worried about cost at all. Anybody have any ideas? Or, does anybody have any opinions about mounting a several thousand dollar computer on a wall? I think it follows the same train of thought as mounting a plasma screen, but that's just me. Thanks for the input.

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You don't need a case, just mount your motherboard to the wall.

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Originally posted by TheMajor
You don't need a case, just mount your motherboard to the wall.
That would look quite cool, just add a perxpex box over it with some fans, maby water cool it
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Yeah, put it on a wall right in front of the ac and you get some of the best cooling, hah! I might try that over summer.
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Hmm, it would work fine here, near the north pole..
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haha that'd be awesome, mobo just straight on the wall lol.

As long as you're nailing into drywall you'd never have to worry about the mobo grounding out lol. And think of how easy it'd be to remove the mobo from it's case....which would be your entire room =P
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Here's a little idea for you. Place a Frame of Ply Wood or whatever you like on the wall in areas where your holes in the Motherboard are for screws. You could A: Drill some small holes in the ply wood and then place nuts, glued inside the holes to give your Motherboard genuine mounting points or B: Use some selftapping wood screws to go into the wood. You could make the wood backing small enough to hide under the motherboard.

This will help you avoid having to work with the wall itself and mounting the Motherboard to the wall. Thus avoiding potential hammer and nail or random drilling into your wall through the motherboard.

You could run a simple power conduit up the wall to the base of where the "case" will be. Run the Power supply cord down the conduit to any power source you like.

Now you have your base, you can put anything you like on it. If you want to avoid weird cards from sticking out of your new piece of Art, get a Motherboard that has everything onboard. Sure you won't get uber performance but at least you can keep it a think wall mount.

If you want to avoid on board stuff and still want this whole setup to be thin on the wall, you can always cut a hole in the wall. Mount some type of plastic cast into the hole to keep inner wall dust, bugs, and rodents out, and have your Video cards and what not go into the wall. You can pretty much hide most of your components inside the wall. Perk here is in the winter your PC should be VERY cool, but down side is that the Summer could get hot. Of course since it will all be custom, you can put in as much or as little venting as you want.

Hope that helps some of the thinking process.

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