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ShoobieRat 09-24-2004 09:42 AM

Step One Complete
Got my first order of new shtuff in! Saweet!...

Ultra Dragon Glossy Silver ATX Case with 600 Watt

This is a nice box! I mean, it's not ultra flashy, but very cool and serious. Love the finish! It's about 6 inches taller than my old case, with plenty of room for all the greased-soap components I'm gonna stuff in it! The only thing that tickled me was the drive rails. I've (believe it or not) NEVER used those things, and since the case didn't come with a manual, I have yet to figure them out. Although I will admit that I spent about 2 minutes looking at them, max, and that was without a drive to test ideas on. Anyone use those thingies?

The case also came with an ULTRA 600watt PSU, which is sweet itself. Heavy, with windowed sides, and the cables all sheathed in a plastic mesh that keeps them neat, it's a boss of a PSU! I can't wait to see how it runs! (...and how it'll hurt my electric bill! :D )

(4) Vantec Stealth 80mm Cooling Fans

The case came with one 80mm fan (in the side glass portal) and four no-screw case-mounts for 80mms. I put in 2 of these Stealth fans in the back, replaced the side fan with a 3rd Stealth, and put one Stealth up front in the lower slot. I left the HD-fan box empty, because my HD's will have their own coolers individually. I'm fairly certain that factory 80mm that came with the case will be MUCH noisier than the Stealths I put in.

(2) Ultra 3.5" Aluminum Hard Drive Coolers (2x60mm Fans)

These are kinda neat. I would have preferred a quieter MadDog HDD-cooler, but they were sold-out for a long time. Figures that now, after I got these, that the MadDog's would come back in, but I'll wait to see how these work out. 5db is not much of a difference.


So okay. Step one, get case ready...Completed.

Step two, deal with the mess of getting NewEgg to ship to an alternate address (work) and get the rest of my stuff in!
:mad: :eek:

Regulus 09-24-2004 09:48 AM

Pretty cool, man. That's the case I wanted, but I couldn't afford matter. 600W will last quite a while, I believe. You are going to have a pretty cool case. I mean "cool" temp wise lol. I haven't messed around with the drive rails...sorry. I still don't know where to plug in a front usb/mic/phone thingy (built into the case at the bottom) onto my mobo!!!

DoomUK 09-24-2004 09:58 AM

That's a bloody nice case, what colour are you getting it in? Decent cooling too :cool:

Do you know anywhere in the UK that sells those quality fans and hard drive coolers?

ShoobieRat 09-24-2004 12:53 PM

Already got it. And it says (and is) glossy silver.

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