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Old 09-15-2004, 06:16 PM   #11 (permalink)
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has anyone done this? ddr 333 with a xp2400 at 266fsb???? thanks
Yeah I told you thats what I got goin on right now, except my mobo took it upon itself to overclock the the ram to 2MHz below that of 400 cause right now its at 2x199=398 and I assure you my clock frequency isn't 199....it's at 133 like yours. The newer cards have dual output althought usually it'll be one digital and one analog unless you get 6800 Ultra which has two digital outputs. If you get a 64bit CPU....then you're gonna have to get a whole new motherboard you know atleast that right?

3000+ cpu into this other pc. so the ram wud underclock at 266, is ther no way of speedin it up-
That CPU (assuming you're meaning the XP) has an FSB of 333 which is PC2700 RAM....I'm not exactly sure where you're getting that 'ram would underclock to 266' because that chip is running at 166 not 133 like your 2400+

can i set the fsb off my atlon xp 2400 to 166 fsb??
I already answered that question....you can TRY to set it up that high, but only if you can lock your AGP and PCI bus...you won't be able to lower your multiplier to compensate for a higher FSB because the multiplier is locked at 15.....you try and get up to 166 you're gonna most likely fry your computer..if not the CPU then your AGP and PCI Bus will be fried because those too will be getting overclocked unless your mobo has options to lock their speeds at AGP:66 and PCI:33.

It sounds like you need to do a lot of research and read thoroughly through what I've told you. I've answered each of yours questions probably twice, but I don't think you understand what I'm saying fully. It also doesn't help that it seems that either you're really young or from another country because its hard to read your writing. PM'ing me won't get me to answer the questions any quicker because if I go through the threads then refresh the page to see if anyone has responded so by that time I had already signed off.

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No no sorry i meant that the pc3200 would be underclocked for now with a 133 fsb processer. YES I KNOW I NEED A NEW MOTHERBOARD FOR 64BIT, i have a xp3000 which i am using in a machine which i am planning upgrade to 64 bit around xmas time. So i can use that 3000 on my other pc then my ram would run faster.

BTW on my abit kt7 raid board(which the xp2400 is on now) i can change the multiplyer from 15, i can change it to anything between 12 and 5, but i can onli get the fsb to 133 as i am using a sd ram board. so why cant i lower the multiplyer on a new abit nf7 board? - if i can do it now why cant i do it on a new board, and raise the fsb to 166(my current mobo can not go up 2 this on softmenu)

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