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Old 08-30-2004, 04:12 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Need A Computer... Need Help!

Now, for christmas I need a computer, ive used nvidia and geforce and pentimum for last few years. I want to make a switch, AMD processor, and a Radeon video card! Thing is im a gamer, Im not sure about these things so was hoping someone could use Newegg and throw together a good compatible setup with fans and all that... at a low price, like under 700 or so... Yes make me a computer lol. Reason I ask is I dont wan't to screw this up and all, was just hoping someone could you know throw in everything with fans and cd drive, DDR ram, all that! It can be over 700 but thats my range around that... Im sorry to trouble the person if any help me, but I really don't want to screw it up. I was looking at eternet cards and stuff and motherboards, couldn't really understand it, and the AMD processors look kind of different with the 3000+ and then 1.8ghz speed, kind of confusing for me. Any help would be apreciated, id like it to be real fast though, strong in the processor, ram, and video card, and decent soundcard, all other stuff like fan, you know what ever works well, CD drive I dont really care, I saw some for like 20 bucks that I wasn't sure about, not sure what average prices are nowadays for stuff like that.

AIM : n3d000, you can contact me there if you want more information and maybe want to help me out Thanks

P.S. Im mainly looking for compatibility so everything runs smooth, and this is for Half-Life 2, World of Warcraft, Rome: Total War, and maybe any other upcoming games But those are the ones I will be playing most! Thanks again all!

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First of all these prices are form compucare in tacoma, WA That is were I bought my comp stuff

There are packages for a mobo and processor so check them out somethimes they are great deals

OR (see BELOW)...

AMD XP 3200+ --- $229.99
AMD ATHLON 64 3000+ NEWCASTLE RETAIL --- $259.99
(You might need a diff mobo for the 64 not sure if those will support it)

MSI K7N2 DELTA-ILSR 400FSB W/AUDIO --- $119.99

WD 120GB ATA100 7200RPM 8MB CACHE --- $109.99

2x KINGSTON KVR400X64C3/512 512MB DDR400 C --- $104.99each
2x KINGSTON 256MB PC3200 DDR400 --- $55.99each
2x (Generic) 512MB 184-pin PC2700 DDR --- $92.99each

Video Card:
ATI 128mb Radeon 9600XT --- $219.99

Only if you have the money and you will ahve to change some stuff
ATI RADEON X800 PRO 256MB AGP W/TV --- $449.99

the rest is up to you the case you probably want something intresting to you and the cd is obvious you can choice for what you want ummm sound card the msi comes with on-baord sound but= revloution <--- Great system 7.0 ss --- $99.99

Hope that helps later Stotan

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I was hoping new egg simply because I'm firmiliar with there site hehe, But I will look into that because that does look pretty nice
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Is there anything you can use from your old system ?Dont forget a good power supply
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From this computer, power supply is around 4 years old lol, need new, I guess the ethernet card I could use, Sound Card is good, Ya thats about it! hehe I need all new stuff including Case and CD drive ... hard drvie, 80g+ is good, but if theres something thats cheap and more than that hehe
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Sorry Just need help
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Dude go to a local place ask them to order you stuff and your not going to get a good system with nice case drives and a 80+gig hd for 700 theres no way
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Here is a system I built for a my younger brother not to long ago and its fairly cheap and gets the job done. There really isnt a game this PC can't handle. Its not the best in the world but it will play what you give it.

Motherboard: Abit NF7-S (Note it has onboard 6.1 sound which is fairly decent if you ask me) $87.00

CPU: AMD XP 2500+ $90.00

Ram: Kingston Value Ram 512 Mb PC2700 (Would do PC3200 but the bus on the CPU wont run it that fast) $79.00

Hard-Drive: 80 GB SATA Segate 7200 RPM $72.25

Graphics Card: MSI GeForceFX 5600XT 128MB (This is the one I use) $98.00

Drives: Samsung 52x32x52x16 CD-RW DVD Combo Drive $42.25

Case: Raidmax Scorpio + 420 Watt PSU $45.00

Total (Not including shipping) $513.50

You can add additional fans and a floppy for 20-25 bucks not too expensive. Also the case comes with some fans, but thats basically all you need. Who said you cant build a nice gameing PC for under $700, plus you still have money left over to add more. Like Ram or a better GFX Card.

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