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Default I need some advice with this new 20 gig HD I bought

Like it says in my post I have a new unused maxtor 20 gig hard drive from computer shop and I have 3 questions to ask is:

1: it possible that I can move some of my programs that are already installed on my old hard drive there to my new one without corrupting drive C: ?

2: If I have to install XP again due to a system error will it affect the new drive and destroy everything in it ?

3: Can I have Linux Suse 9.3 on the old hard drive and windows xp use the the new one ? if so do I need to set both hard drives to cable select or set the drives to master and slave settings so that Linux and XP won't fight over who gets to start up first ? ( I'm going to take the 20 gig and put XP on it and then the old 10 gig and put Linux suse 9.3 on there.)

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Now, after reading this, are you replacing your old harddrive with this one, or are you gonna add it as a slave HD so you can use both?

You can easily swap programs from hd to hd, but some require registry entries in order to work fine, so if you do shift their location, you might have to reinstall a few from their installation programs unless you know how to fiddle with the registry (I suggest learning a bit, it's not too hard, use the search function, and see what you can see about your settings).

Ok, after reading it all over, I see what you wanna do. You'll probably want to install the 20GB partition as the slave, and the 10GB partition as the master (this doesn't actually have any preformance problems, it's just so your comp knows which is the first and which is the 2nd harddrive on your IDE cable). Now, this is a little tricky, cause windows pretty much requires the first windows OS to be installed on the C:. I've never gotten it to work when on the D: without one already existing on the c:. So what you should do is partition your 2nd 20GB HD into 2 parts.

For now, you'll just want to setup the huger chunk, I say make it 16-17GB, and set its drive letter to either D: or E: or whatever drive letter you have free. This partition will be where you store your games n' apps n' documents. The smaller partition that will come of the 2nd HD will be where you install windows xp later.

Then shift as many (if not all) programs to the D: (or whatever drive letter you named it to) HD after formatting it to either fat32 or ntfs (you'll probably want ntfs). Make sure the partition's at least 19GB big, or else you should try again. I forgot to check my 80GB partition after formatting.. so I'm losing 20GB's off it. which is a piss-me-off. big time. Now you may be thinking "why have 2 partitions for my windows xp setup? well dude, it's safer. Let's say your windows xp partition is dead, Kaput, and you need to reformat it. well, you've already got everything on a different partition eh? so reformatting the C: won't be so bad. Just back up some stuff that might've saved to the "my documents" folder or any programs that refused to install on the D: (or whatever letter you used).

Now, here comes the tricky part. You'll need to use your windows xp cd during boot to delete the C: partition (warning! after this step, there's no turning back, so make sure you've backed up everything to the D: (or whatever letter) partition you've made.

After that, look for the small partition, the 3-4GB one, and create that as the new C: partition. The free space for the 10GB partition you said you wanted to use for linux, so don't turn that into a fat32 or ntfs partition or you probably won't be able to use it for linux without reformatting it again.

Then? install windows onto the new 3-4GB c: partition, and there, you now have your windows xp os partition, and a 2nd ntfs partition to store all your important stuff. that wasn't too bad now was it?

I'm pretty sure since you use linux you can install it just fine. You probably diddn't need my full step-by-step thing, but I figure I've got time to burn, so meh.

Later-A-Much, and LONG LIVE THE D!
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Hey Mard I followed the advice that you gave me about setting uop the 10 gig hard drive with Linux and 20 gig for XP but I havea problem that needs to b answered before I can do anything else to my PC

1. I took my old hard drive and used Norton ghost 9.0 to clone my hard drive to the new one when I did this everything worked perfectly and then I cleaned out my old hard drive and got it ready for a new OS

2. I took linux suse 9.3 and installed on my machine this morning at around 3:00am (don't ask why I was up last night its a long story)

3. I woke up again and Linux had installed itself correctly without anyu problems.

4. Big Problem: when I rebooted my machine to use windows XP on the second hard drive which is a slave and has 20 gigs on it, Linux says and can't find the OS on its drive and there was no way in hell that I could tell it to look on the other HD...... Is there someway that I can switch the boot sequence that I can move the 20 gig up top of the list and put the 10 gig on the bottom of the list in linux setup or do I need to open up my case and switch jumpers on both hard drives example 10 gig will be slave 20 gig will be master.
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