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Default Custom built computer problems

I'll start off with a little background about my system. Feel free to skip it if you don't want to read about it.

I ordered my system to be custom built and have had it since August. When I first got it, the windows version installed on there was corrupted. I fixed that easily with a reformat and after I reformatted it it worked like a dream. One day, I got a virus on my computer that I could not remove no matter how hard I tried so I once again reformatted it. Since then, it has been a little buggy. Some of the graphics are not displaying correctly in games and what not. I've reformatted maybe four or five times since I've had the virus and it seems only to be a temporary thing. Sooner or later, the bugs come back.

Lately, the fan on the back of my case has been buzzing when I turn the computer off for a while and turn it on again. This usually happens once a week. It sounds like something is grinding in there. Also, occasionally, windows will not load. This has happened before and has now just happened again for the first time since my last reformat. It will go into the BIOS page and then just stay a black screen. I waited for a couple of minutes but nothing happened. I had to do a hard restart to fix it and I'm almost sure once it starts happeneing it will happen again.

Any suggestions on what to do?

Here are the system specs I can remember off the top of my head

AMD Athlon 64 2000+
Radeon 9800 PRO
ABIT KV8 PRO motherboard

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Doesnt sound like a virus to me. The black bios screen is usually when it tries to run a boot device with nothing on it. Try looking at your boot priorities and see if anything is weird there. And if this virus keeps coming back your either backing up something that has it, or theres something you should stop doing that gives it to you like a P2P program for instance.

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Well, I'm sure I don't have a virus still. I'm just curious as to why and how all these bugs started. I'll check my BIOS boot priorities right now.

When I say it doesn't load windows I mean the BIOS screen shows up and then just goes black. The computer is still running but the windows XP thing with the little bar that runs from one side to the other doesn't show up.

EDIT: I checked the boot priorities.

1st device: CDROM
2nd device: CDROM
3rd device: Hard drive

Is that normal? I know nothing of computers.
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TWO CD drives in the boot list? Weird...

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change boot priorities to hard drive cd rom then floppy then tell me what happens
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VM88, theirs no such thing as a AMD64 2000.. Did you built it yourself, or order it? Im guessing you mean 3000?

I have corrupt windows TONS of times. I mean ALOT, such as 10 times in a week. I just built my computer a month ago, from then i probably corrupt windows around 20 times. I have learned reformating dont always work. So you will need to completely reboot your system. Install windows all over, and erase everything in all HDD/Partitions. If you built your system yourself. Then your going to need to independently install your hardware drivers over.

Now for your fan problem. Open your computer, and see whats going on. If its making a nosie, see if any kind of wire is in the way. Thats the least of your worry's.
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Wow thanks for all the replies. No I did not build the computer myself. I got it from And yes I do mean the 3000+. Sorry, its been a while since I've looked at my PC.

This morning I did open it and examined the fan from which the buzzing noise was coming from and I couldn't really see anything wrong with it. I wiped off all the dust from my fans and reset everything back in its place. I've also noticed that if I tilt the computer and set it back down the buzzing goes away.

My windows hasn't been corrupted since the first reformat so I have no problems with that. What I do have problems with is that occasionally my windows will not even load.

I will go and change the boot order to HD, CDROM, and, floppy. The only reason I had CDROM as first boot was because I reformatted my PC using the recovery disc a bunch of times.

EDIT: Is there a difference between reformatting and erasing everything in the HDD/Partitions? Whenever I say reformat I thought it meant to erase everything in the HDD and reinstall everything all over again.
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I rearranged the boot priorities in the order that I was told and now the computer is OK. However, the windows not loading thing only happens occasionally so I can't be too sure if the boot priority order was the problem.

Thanks for all your help.
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the only 2 times i herd a grinding

-My powersupply fan was rubbing against something

-There was a loose piece of metal near my floppy drive and jammed something

Both times i had automatic system shutdowns and other crazy problems, if you hear a grinding or scraping noise is a hardware problem, but it may not mean you have to replace anything, you may just have to bend a piece of metal or move stuff away from fans, lol

But i doubt it, its just what happend to me.

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