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Old 08-12-2004, 08:11 PM   #11 (permalink)
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OEM is brand new? How come they dont come with everything then? Like some Opt Drives dont come with teh proper drivers. And I know that LCDs arent good for gaming but will that one do? cause my dad doesnt want me to get a CRT. I almost convinced him and then my bigshot uncle goes and says, "wow, usually people want the better quality things and voila, i am stuck with LCD. ( lol its not like its a bad thing now is it?)

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LCD is like the latest technology. It's not bad by any means. Personally I am gunna stick with CRT because I'm affraid that my flat screen LCD would walk at university.

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Default little help

I use CRT because LCD is just too expensive for me. Sure LCD looks sleek and sexy but CRT is cheaper and for me cheap = good. I rather spend that extra $150 on something in the PC to make in run faster. I wish i had an LCD flat panel but my cheap CRT works just great.

definition of OEM
Original Equipment Manufacturer. This is a designation for companies that manufacture equipment that is then marketed and sold off to other companies under their own names.

OEM is something you should definately look into. don't buy OEM processor unless you are buying a seperate heatsink/fan because the retail processor comes with a heatsink and fan. Don't buy OEM motherboard because you get alot of good stuff (cables, screws, needed drivers) in the retail that you might not otherwise get with OEM. Other then those 2 i buy everything i can OEM. if you wanna play it safe get stuff like monitors, speakers, and keyboard OEM because you dont need drivers for that kind of stuff. hard drives, cd rom drives, floppy drives, video cards can all be bought OEM. Your video card drivers can be downloaded from the website (ati.com, nvidia.com)

just some random pointers
use onboard ethernet and sound( unless you really want some good sound)

dont buy the SE version of a ATI video card, they may be cheap but they are cheap for a reason.

i like buying my parts on newegg.com, good prices and great shipping, but if you want to bargain shop for every single part seperately, just use pricewatch.com
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just so ur not confused... OEM is like the part that comes strait out of the factory... a separite company add's cables, screws, disks, etc... thats y its cheaper to get OEM parts. the part is still brand new though
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you will be able to overclock, and by the way, is the CPU you are going to get a socket 754? or a 939? because if you get a 939 you will be able to upgrade for ages, the 754 wont be used much, as there are only about 4 CPU's in that category. also the 754 socket doesnt support dual channel memory, and the 939 socket does. so in short, dont bother with a socket 754, go straight to the 939. and a good idea would be to get an ASUS or ABIT mobo, as these two companies are generally the best.

how about this:

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (socket 939)
ASUS A8V Deluxe (socket 939)
and all the other stuff you were already going to get... u might even end up saving money with this setup as well.
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CRTs have a better picture but LCDs are thiner and take up less room.
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Originally posted by CyToToXiC
LCDs arent that good for gaming
well, maybe the lcd he was talking about or the lcds of a long time ago, but todays lcds ROCK! 12ms and 16ms are good for gaming, and it wont be long until 8ms is here (the samsung 57" lcd tv that my family plans on getting is 8ms)
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Originally posted by CyToToXiC
CRTs have a better picture but LCDs are thiner and take up less room.
im gona have to disagree with u there i think lcds picture r better than crt.... im not sayin this coz i have lcd i got both and i find that lcd r better... maybe its just the crt.
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Its the lack of Brightness an LCD has that I won't get one (plus I know the science about them).

I also don't want a 8ms add to my online ping
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I dont think the 9800 is a SE card is it? The monitor i chose is being replaced by another one for cheaper but it has a 16ms. Is 16ms better than 25ms? I cant find a socket 939 that is cheaper than mine and i found a lot of socket 754s. I already have a wireless card for internet and sound i will upgrade later. Also will my case power supply cut it for me. The review was good but others say otherwise. I really dont have enough to get a new one so i really dont know about that, anyway here is the final one:

Case $69 What color white or black

OPt Drive



http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduc...codevalue=3792 help me choose

the proccesor and mobo stay the same as do the hraphocs card.

please review again please

Xbox, gamecube and p s two,

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