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Unhappy un necessary loading times for my computer

i got a new computer and i had ALOT of stuff on my old computer so i transferred all my stuff from my old computer onto my new computers HD and copied a few other things off C drive from my old computer onto my new one.

my new computer was a beast for a few months. then i dont remember what happened. all of a sudden Randomly my computer takes minutes/20minutes to load small programs or any kind of program.
i sit in my chair waiting and watching tv as my computer loads "my computer" or firefox ect.
i thought its possible that it may be a virus. i have AVG (registered) i scanned a few times and it found nothing serious/ false positives. i then downloaded malwarebytes it found ...i forgot what exactly its name was but it was a trojan that turns off the "windows fire wall alert" but i always have fire wall turned of anyways.
and the other one was some system restore thing( it comes up every now and then in scans).
i got rid of those but my computer is still slow sometimes.
now i downloaded a program called Hare its a cheap cr*py program that cleans your registry fixes your RAM and can change how much effort your computer puts into certain programs blah blah. i think hare did something good, but my computer still loads like crazy. so it practically didnt change.

there was another incident tho, this might be the reason, it just popped in2 my head >.<
one day i was on the computer but i had to do a few things around the yard so instead of turning my computer off 2 save power, i set it to "stand by" because i assumed i would be finished soon.
i came back turned my computer on logged in then hardly anything was loaded and a little pop up at the bottom right in a warning sign said "delayed write fail""some of your information might be lost"
i panicked and i looked at my H drive there was only 60 gig of stuff there and i remember having 600!! >.<
and i thought to my self theres only one way that could possibly fix this ( system restore)
so i did a system restore to a few days back and BAM i got all my stuff back.
and i guess this strange loading happened not long after that incident.

but theres one more thing.
when ever i try to download a big file or 2 my computer begins to lag, then later on it lags REAL bad. sometimes i have to turn my computer off cuz it pizzes me off soo much since it takes dam so long.
Utorrent and Firefox are the only things i use to download stuff.

i do realize if i am downloading 100 large files at the same time my computer is going to lag since its bizi placing the files in my HD, but now when ever i download 2 or a few more large files my computer lags like ****.

and when i play games...its just not funny
its as if my computer forgot where the animations are and decided to go on an adventure searching every file in my computer until it finds it 1-10min later.
like for eg i played heroes of Might and Magic V tribes on my old computer. the only times the game lagged was when it was the "computers" turn to move on the map, everything else was fine. but with my new computer its not only when its the "computers" turn to move it also lags when im in battle. just before an enemy does an animation the computer loads like crazy! and practically freezes the game until its finished loading. when i put my mouse over a player to see his stats, my computer sometimes loads and takes for ever.

when i play rakion ( it never ever lagged on my old computer its got terrible graphics)
on my new computer sometimes stages and battles take like 10min to load the map.
and as soon as some1 hits me my computer loads and takes for ever.Some times it just takes for ever to even load the game.
seriously like...i think it forgot where all the files are. and my computer cant remember that it already loaded them.

i have a quad core 2.66 Ghz processor
only 2 Gig ram
Nvidia Geforece GTX 260 (ASUS ENGTX260 SP216)
1.5 terabyte HD (8MB cache)
I hope this information helped XD
looking forward to you guys trying to help solve this problem with me ^.^ lol

also just to add. after my computer has loaded the stuff, it doesnt need to take ages any more. but sometimes after... a few hours or after a few shutdowns and restarts, it takes for ever to load the same stuff again.

i dont want the solution to be " re format your HD" or "reinstall windows"
i want those to be my last options!

thank you
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