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Default Computer stops

I've been having a problem with my computer, It will just stop. No errors, no blue screens. what happens is whatever is on the screen gets frozen there, if there was a sound coming out of the speakers, that ms of sound replays forever, the light in the optical mouse dies and the keyboard doesn't work.

But everything inside the PC is still running as it should.

And just now, I can't even start it up anymore. I hit the power button, everything fires up for a few seconds. All fans, heatsinks, the HDD spin up and all lights are on. Then a couple seconds later it just stops. As if I Pulled the plug from the back of it.

The first problem started when I was trying to install World of Warcraft from the discs. It would randomly do that during the installation, but it ALWAYS happened, the install would not finish. After i stoped trying, it would freeze like that randomly. The past couple days though it happens with Azureus open, when the program is checking the torrent files before it resumes downloading.

P.S. The new problem, the computer doesn't even start to POST. It comes on, and then it dies a couple seconds later, the monitor doesn't even stop blinking.
I'm wondering if the first problem is the RAM, since the thing seems to freeze like that when the RAM is being worked hard.

I have no idea about this latest problem though... Could the RAM be bad, and the whole system just stops beccause it can't feed anything into the RAM?

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Also, for some reason the mobo keeps seeing my RAM as single channel, but It's a dual channel kit.


CASE: Thermaltake Armor
PSU: OCZ GameXStream 600W
CPU: Intel E6600 Conroe
HDD: WB Caviar 250GB SATA
RAM: Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 Dual-channel kit 2x1GB. Supposed to be 5-5-5-12, BIOS recognizes 5-5-5-18 and single channel.

P.S. Could it be my legacy hardware causing the problems by chance? For the lack of items, I stuck in an old(but clean, and in perect order) SUPER old GF 440 MX PCI VCard(since the mobo has no onboard video), and a mad old Samsung 40-10-40 CD-RW drive. HAd them in there for testing purposes, but I would think I would get conflicts in device manager, or a BSOD telling me of IRQ conflicts or something if these two were causing the problems.

Although... the problem with the system not powering up to POST... During boot up a screen of text comes up, text about the samsung drive, and it says "any key to continue" after I did that the system shut itself down.

Should I try tearing that drive out and see what happens then i suppose.

EDIT: New info, the longer I leave the PC powered off, the longer it boots up. This last time I had it turned off for like 10 minutes, and it got to the windows load screen before everything shut down. And the CMOS LED is burning bright. It's not grounding out, or else the system wouldn't hold its charge for that long. The PSU is working fine. So why does the system cut all power and just stop like that.
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