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Old 01-09-2007, 06:46 PM   #11 (permalink)
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i dont know you, but i love you.. hahahahahaha


but DAM 364.95
I dont know if this Notebook is worth spending another 400.00 on. I paid 450.00 bucks for the computer it self.

I cant believe i broke the dam thing so quick. i didnt even have the computer for more then 24 hours. but i broke it.

I boke the poweor adaptor off my last dell notebook i had.

Me + Notebooks = NOT GOOD !!!!
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Here is some info from ACER SITE, regarding the Bios update.
I know its not help ful, but i thought id post it...

TravelMate C300

BIOS Update v. 1.13

BIOS Update version 1.13. Download this self-extracting file to your hard drive and double-click on it to update the BIOS. This update fixes the issue with sticking keys on the internal keyboard and adds additional CPU support.
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Well after searching around, i found a site that has Service manuals. And they just so happen to have the ACER Tech Service manual. It appears to be the manual that the ACER techs use to repair the computers. it has detailed steps on disassembly and all type of information.

Check it out:

They have all type of manuals on there.

WOOT WOOT, i just removed the Cmos battery.
I am going to wait about 30mins and put it back togetter
See if that helps. If not ill take the main board out. and get it ready for when i finally get a new one.

I am a notebook disassembly PRO now.. HAHAHA.. jp jp
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The BIOS probably corrupted as you were updating it. If that happens, the motherboard is useless as you cannot undue the damage.

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Old 01-11-2007, 01:45 PM   #15 (permalink)
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Originally posted by CrazeD
The BIOS probably corrupted as you were updating it. If that happens, the motherboard is useless as you cannot undue the damage.
Yea that’s what I figured, and is also why I started looking for a MoBo.

This guy that has the defective C300, also has another motherboard. He got the motherboard to fix the C300, but he determined that it was the display that was bad

He sent me pic’s of the motherboard and he guaranties that its 100% operating

He wants 200 GBP + Shipping for the whole C300


155 Shipped for the Motherboard.
I am just going to get the motherboard from him.

The motherboard comes with processor and some other stuff on it still
So about 300 US dollars for a Good motherboard shipped from the UK

Do you think I should get this?
Or spend 380.00 + shipping for a new motherboard?
From a reputable site?

Please let me know what you think....

Spend 300 get a used Mobo from the UK

or spend about 400 for a New mobo from reputable site
Old 01-12-2007, 03:11 PM   #16 (permalink)
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Well after thinking about it more.

I figured id go with a new board instead of buying that board from some random guy in he UK.

Acer wants 407.00 for the board plus 10 shipping
So I am about to just order that.

I wanted to upgrade the computer a little, but I don’t think its worth the money

1.6GHz Centrino
512 ram (256 onboard (removable) + 256 (under access panel)
30gig hard drive.

Id like to get a faster processor and more ram.
But I don’t know if I want to fork out that much money right now.
Since ill be spending 400 on the new board.

Plus I don’t think it would be worth spending another 200-300 bucks.

450 (bought the pc)
400 (replacement motherboard

Not worth spending an additional 300.00

For 1150.00 I could have gotten a really nice system.
Even for 850.00 I could have gotten a better system then what I got now.

But hey you live, you learn
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