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I think the need for SLI, is a poor excuse for a stretch in both ATI and Nvidia's profit margins..... Just like how Intel want dual processing BTX to be the standard tommorrow, single card solutions are always the way to go... And never justify going the SLI/Crossfire on the grounds of that the price will drop, that only occurs when new video cards get released, and then that means that weak 200 you saved for your second 6800GT will be no good because the IT mags and news are harping on about DX 10 and the whooping brand spanking new 8800GTX, leaving your cards with the same performance standard as two 4200's struggling to keep up 1024*768 in DOOM 3....

Keep your eye on the single card solutions, would you buy a car that had only a mediocre engine and then say well i can put a second mediocre engine in it (somehow, i ain't no mechanic (hypothetical)) Your car will still perform mediocre, just stick to single card solutions...... two 6600Gts in SLI is crap, save the cash....

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I think the fundamental issue here is technology itself, not just the video cards. I'm not sure exactly what the rate is now, but the last time I checked technology doubles itself every 18 months. At that rate ANYTHING you buy will become outdated pretty quickly. So you are going to have to upgrade in one capacity or another anyway, so why is everyone *****ing? It's just a fact of life, it seems like people buy a computer, or graphics card or whatever and expect it to last for 15 years or something? When new technoloy evolves these companies are going to put out new products that utilizes the new technology, whether anyone likes that or not. Why not have the best now, you are going to have to upgrade eventually anyway.

There I have said my peace.

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woulda fooled me lol jk nice rig
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do the 7800GTXs get good OCing because koolance has a cooling block that fits them now.... me personally i think SLI is a waste of money, the 512MB 7800GTX comes out soon, you might as well just wait for that instead of spening 500 extra bucks.

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