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Default Urgent advice needed

I want to buy a new computer, it's kinda a bargain (i think) but im not sure if its the best way. See im kinda have a small budget (650€, for now) to buy a new computer. The desktop is a Packard Bell Imedia X9911: Technische Informatie - IMEDIA X9911 - PB80X07190 - iMedia - platform_amadeus_imedia - Desktop

the price is 899€ comes with a "19 TFT screen (can buy on credit, thats the main reason im thinking to buy)...

If its possible to build one around 650€ or less, i would do that. But i wanna have a decent rig, if possible for that amount.

Must have,
CPU: Q6600, 220€
GPU: 8800GT 512mb?, 249€ (maybe to exp for my budget)

i need a decent board that works good with the Q6600, power suply, hard disk and Ram memory(2G?). Guess that's sums it up...

If anyone could help me, that would me much appreciated. Preferbly on this site for parts. compustar - the star in hard - and software


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Default Re: Urgent advice needed

well, its a bit difficult b/c that site is not all english, and i use newegg for 99.999% of all my computer needs, but i think this is a decent build...

btw, i would NOT buy that comp that is premade for you... build it urself, ull save money and get a better overall system by FAR.

+119 compustar - the star in hard - and software seems like a good mobo to me. Didnt see all of the ones im used to thru newegg, but thats b/c it looks like you are in another country... however i did recognize this one, and i think most people are satisfied with it. you might wanna google it to see how well it overclocks with the Q6600, as i am not sure.

+85 compustar - the star in hard - and software

+220 Q6600 for the CPU you said... good choice... but i am not sure if this is G0 or B3.... you may want to investigate this before buying.

+99 compustar - the star in hard - and software

+250 if u get the 8800gt
+230 if u get the HD3870

for the GPU, a great way to save money would be to go with the 256MB version. It works just as well but it wont be able to support the higher resolutions. i think you will be fine with this card, and you'll save a good deal of money, about 80€. I didnt see any on your website, so you need to find another comp site for your area.

both of them are great GPUs, you'll love either one of them.

I didnt include a PSU b/c i didnt like any on that website, but i am no PSU expert, they might be fine... i just wouldnt trust me to pick any of those out, hopefully some1 else will be able to guide you towards one of these.

+80€ for psu (estimate)

this puts you at 820€ if you get an 8800GT.

the best way to shave money off and not lose much performance would be to go witha lower size HD. I am not sure what you will be using this comp for, but generally 250gigs will work for now and you'll always be able to buy another HD down the road. doing this will save you about 45€.

if you go w/ the 256MB version of the card which i couldnt find on your website, it will save you about 80€ more.

this puts your total to 695€.

not sure what your current PSU is, if you can reuse that one then you'll be back undrebudget and you could afford a 320gig HD.

i know this build has many options to it, but i hope it helps.

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Default Re: Urgent advice needed

lol that system doenst have an 8800-and what the heck is an 8300 ive never even heard of it. no a builds the best way to go, however if you dont want to Id recomend going HP or Dell...
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Default Re: Urgent advice needed

if your buying prebuilt go hp, or acer, those are both great stopre brand prebuilts, do not buy from dell they will overcharge by a crap load.

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Default Re: Urgent advice needed

@Mark1413, thanks a lot for your effort. Great suggestions...
I've decided not to buy a prebuild one.

Im planning to get a smaller cheaper HD, a 250G maybe.
Im not sure for the RAM either, i know Corsair is pretty good. But they have cheaper ones 'KINGMAX' (or are these bad?), KINGMAX MEMORY DDR2 1Gb 800Mhz CL5.0 LifeTime.
About the CPU Q6600, i dont know if its G0 (better for OC?), doesnt mention it on the site: compustar - the star in hard - and software
Also i dont know how mutch Watt i need for the GPU? Looking for a good/cheap Power supply. A friend told me i better get a nvidia quadro fx, because i work with 3D applications do some modding, compositing,etc. But it looks like they are to expensive and the cheaper ones doesnt match the 8800GT?

so far this is my setup:

Board: ASUS P5N-E SLI, s775, 2x PCIe
CPU: intel Quad-Core Q6600 2.4Ghz 1066MHz 8MB
RAM: Corsair DDR2 2048MB 800MHz (2x 1024MB)
HDD: Maxtor 250Gb 7200rpm 8mb,SATA2 (not sure)
PSU: Cooler Master PSU,Real Power, 450W, SLI,PI, Active (not sure)

Thanks again..
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Default Re: Urgent advice needed

if you do a lot of 3d aps then you might want to consider a quadro, or a fireGL/fireMV card. but if your just doing a few things here and there then don't get it. also they are crap for gaming. and you won't be able to fit in a quadro card into that budget.

i've never heard anything other then bad things from maxtor, so if you can get either a seagate or western digital.

if you're going to overclock that q6600 make sure you get a g0 and aftermarket cooling, either a TRUE or Tuniq tower 120

also if you can fit it into your budget get a corsair 520hx or 520vx for a psu.

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Also please use the search button. You've got a 50/50 chance that someone's asked your question and we've answered it.
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