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Default Need help instaling mobo into case and installing RAM for dual channel config.

Ok I have the Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard. I am trying to figure out how to put it in the case. I have the processor in and its ready to go in the case. I am just not sure how to put it in. In the directions it says “Remove the I/O plate from the back of the case and replace it with provided motherboard I/O plate.”. What does that mean? What’s an I/O plate? The problem I am running into is the case has like 50 holes in it to put those gold screw things that space the motherboard off the case. Well I am not sure what holes to use. There are like 10 different holes on the motherboard. Are they all for screws? I noticed there are two type of holes. Just normal holes then there are holes with 8 golden metal circles around them. I was not sure if they were for screws. Here is what I am talking about:

Also the manual for my motherboard said it has the ability to support dual channel technology. What is dual channel technology? It said it doubles the bandwidth of the memory speed or something like that. Anyway I have two gigs of Corsair XMX2 memory. The manual said I need to put the memory in the same color channels for the dual channel to work. So I put the two sticks of memory in the same colored slots not the slots grouped together right? Does it mater if I choose the red or yellow ones?


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the holes surrounded by metal would be the ones you should use for screws. the I/O plate should be a metal plate included with your motherboard that has holes shaped for all the ports at the back of the motherboard. the one on your case is probably attached with one or two screws so remove them and the plate. the one with the motherboard should basically clip in in place. then hold the motherboard over the back of the case so the ports line up. if you have a good memory you should be able to look and remember where the holes with metal line up with at the back. place the "standoffs" (brass post screws) in those holes. you should be able to figure it out from there.

in your motherboards manual it should probably have a diagram indicating where to place the posts, and many cases have markings next to the holes for the screw in posts that state something like: Server, ATX, mATX etc. screw the posts in where it says ATX

edit: sorry i missed your question on the ram. yeah as long as the slot colours are matched you should be fine but it is probably better if you use which ever colour DIMM Slot #1 is. dual channel means that the memory controller runs two channels for memory instead of one which gives it a "128 bit wide" interface instead of the usual 64 bit. effectively it doubles the amount of data that can be transferred simultaneously

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yeah you have to use the holes with themetal around them to secure it to your case, this is so that the screws dont short anything out i think. but your case hasa million holes in it only so that it can support a bunch of diffrent types of motherboards.

for dual channel, in most cases just match up the colors. (stick the ram in the two yelllow slots) but in some, like the dfi infinity they dont come color coded and you have to insert them right next to eachother for dual channel.
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