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Default windows 7 32bit

Hi there

im proberly geting a new graphics card with 1gb mem in it. Iv got 4gb ram on my computer will that affect the ram ofthe computer or will the gpu go off its own ram?

Sorry if i dont describe well.

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Gpu ram doesnt affect the sistem ram at all anyway gpus have ram because the have procesors in them in order to process all the video that your computer is going to output thru it

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Default Re: windows 7 32bit

Originally Posted by robcat93 View Post
Hi there

im proberly geting a new graphics card with 1gb mem in it. Iv got 4gb ram on my computer will that affect the ram ofthe computer or will the gpu go off its own ram?

Sorry if i dont describe well.
At first, I thought you posted in the wrong section. You have software as the title in the hardware section. I feel mislead. Aside from that, zantiszar is right. The video card has its own processor called the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). GPU's can also be found on Motherboards and more recently on some CPUs. A video card gives the GPU its own set of resources for processing and displaying graphics. That is why video cards always outperform integrated GPUs. Hope that helps.

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Default Re: windows 7 32bit

Actually, you both are wrong. Video RAM is counted into the total maximum system memory by an OS (when addressing things). It will use that 1GB of VRAM for sure, but don't expect the system to properly address 1GB of system RAM.

Wanna know why? Because a portion of system ram is ALWAYS going to be used for your graphics card, and most systems, you can adjust how much system RAM is reserved FOR the GPU, even if it is a dedicated card.
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Default Re: windows 7 32bit

Your system is only using 3.5 of your RAM right now. Once that graphics card is installed it will only use / see 2.5 GB of your installed ram (3.5 GB max for 32 bit system, minus your graphics memory).
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Default Re: windows 7 32bit

Windows 32 Bit will set aside up to 750MB of RAM for use for devices. This RAM cant be allocated for anything else. This RAM is not counted in the total amount of RAM used by the system nor is it accounted for in the resources. When you look at your system properties you will see that Windows Vista and Windows 7 will report that 4GB are installed, but only 3.25 is usable.

You can in fact increase this amount but it will remove from the total amount of RAM available for the system to use.

If you have a 64 Bit OS installed, VRAM is not counted at all.

I have 6GB of physical RAM installed. I also have 768 MB of RAM on my video card and my video card is working at 70% load at this time. Yet it doesnt show up as part of the resources being used. But that is only cause my system isnt limited by the amount of RAM that can be used. If I was on a 32 bit OS, I would lose over a full GB worth of RAM that would be dedicated to my hardware cause 768MB is on my GFX card alone.

So yes you have a very real potential that you will have less than 3GB of RAM available for use with your system. Take out the GB for the new Video card and add in up to an additional 750MB for other hardware and you could be down to 2.25GB - 2.75GB Usable. c0rr0sive is right with what he said.

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