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Default Upgrade confusion deffinately need help

Hi All,

I have read the site extensively and can't find specific info for my needs.

As happens I have decided to upgrad my video card and wouldn't you know it.... my machine is somewhat out of date.

P4 socket 478 2.4g
Intel MB
Ram: 2 pc3300 512mb
3 non SATA hard drives
My dvd rw is a usb
Current Video is a Nvidia 4200ti

I am looking to move to a 256mb vid card for gaming. I have done some research and it appears that the PCI express is what I will need.

I am hoping to keep my costs down in what components I need as a minimum but the overall cost of each item is not really an issue as I would like to buy whatever components I need that will last a while as far as not needing upgrading. Basically if I can keep my processor and ram and only need to buy a motherboard and vid card.. that would be ideal but I am not expecting that is possible or the best solution.

I really do need to have a MB that has at least the capability of 2 non SATA hardrives. My drives are the main components that I do not wish to replace.

I am aware that I may need a new power supply for a new motherboard as my current power supply has only standard power connections for drives. I have seen some that have additional connection but I don't know what they are for.

As far as usage, I use my puter for the internet, office, and gaming. I don't do any video editing or anything like that but I would like to be able to have a tv out (probably S-video) on my vid card.

I have seen a couple of motherboards that have an option for AGP and PCIx which would be good. I could keep my current vid card for tv out and use the PCIx card for my monitor.

I imagine I need a MB, Processor, Ram, Vid Card, and Power Supply and maybe a new case. I do not do any overclocking so I do not really need that functionality.

If any of this is unclear please ask for details. I am not a complete noob but I am out of touch with the current technology so I'm feeling a little lost.


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I suggest you stay away from motherboards with both AGP and PCI-E... the AGP slot just runs in pci mode on most boards... and mixing technology like that probably degrades the quality of the motherboard.

also i dont know how much you plan on spending, but your cheapest solution, would be to just keep the computer you have now and get a agp 6800 128mb card... its about $170 right know at newegg.com , but iv seen its price go lower.

If you change all you parts this is a rough estimate... considering these are probably near the cheapest price youl get for decent parts... except for the case, you can use any i guess.

A64 3000+ $130
6800GS $200
motherboard $75
PSU $50
case $40

= $495

to give you an idea of what the 6800 agp 128mb is like... i ran that on a...

2.4 penitum 4 s478, 2GB ddr333...

- Doom3 ran on Ultra, 1024x res, 2xAA = 57fps average on Timedemo1
- Hl2 ran about the same except on 1200x resolution.

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the 450 Watt forton is the PSU you should get for 50 or less.
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thanks for the responses.

I guess I wasn't clear enough with my needs/concerns. The reason I want to go ahead and get a 256 vid card is I recently purchased BF2 and discovered that my card wouldn't run it. So... time to upgrade.. lol. I typically get a moderate to good level vid card when I upgrade which will last usually 2to3 years. I have looked and it seems that I can't get what I believe I want in anything but PCIx which would lead me to believe that I need to upgrade my MB. I was hoping there is a MB that accepts my current ram and processor so I could hold off on those purchases for a while but if I need to spend more money to accomplish my goals then I am willing to do so. I have seen vid cards in the range of $250 to $300 that will probably be acceptable.

If I do need a MB, Ram and Case and PS then I am willing to spend up to $800 or so for everything.

Also, can anyone recommend a good case that has multiple fans.

Thanks again
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