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Default Questions About Graphics Cards.

Hi, i'm trying to get ready to install my graphics card when i get it in the mail monday... i ordered a cheap Saphire ATI 9600Pro from newegg, i'm wanting it to play guild wars. It's a AGP Slot, and yes i have a AGP 4x slot. I know i typed alot but i'm kinda confused. Plz Help!

But anyways the card said it was 4x/8x compatable so when i get it i will need to turn on my computer and unistall the current graphics cards drivers, than shut down the computer. Also do i want to leave the computer plugged in (ESD Protection?). But after i turn it off open the computer and touch a metal part of the computer before i start to unscrew the agp screw and than pop out the card...than put the new one in. Put case back on and turn on the computer...and what happens from here?

I'm running Windows XP but i dont have the cd with me, all i have is the ME cd...since it's at my dads house. Should i need the windows xp cd with me? Or should it just automatically notice it and than i just need to put in the cd that it came with to install the drivers.

Also another question can you see anything when the graphics card isnt in? Like what happens if the graphics card doesnt work. Would i have to put in the old graphics card and than i would need the xp software?

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Default Re: Questions About Graphics Cards.

Firstly, when installing a graphics card or any component for that matter, the power to your computer should be switched OFF.

After you have physically installed the graphics card into the AGP slot, you will need to install the drivers. Yes, the drivers should be on a CD that came with the graphics card. It's very simple to install, you pretty much insert the drivers CD and follow the instructions on-screen. You won't be needing the Windows XP CD. Keep in mind that sometimes you will need to update your drivers and download the latest version online.

If you need more information see installing a graphics card.

Originally posted by Nerheim
Also another question can you see anything when the graphics card isnt in?
If there is no graphics card installed in your computer, there's no way the monitor can get the video data to display the screen. So no, you would not see anything.


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I hate newegg, delivers a bigger amount of stuff and is more budget friendly (there's refurbished, open box, used, overstock categories, and of course the normal categories)

Ok, well if the card's cd thingy is compatible with XP it should be fine, but yes your system should notice the new card and I think offer a wizard for it but just use the cd that the card comes with.

And I've no clue what happens when you dont have a graphics card in, i'd assume it'll be ok at very minimal performance, it's only because I have an integrated video card that only needs to be disabled to install the new card or just overrided.

When installing, people tell you to disable the old card and you're given an option to restart your computer but your supposed to just shut it down, so since you can see that message, you'd prolly be able to see without the card.

And reinstalling the old card, you can try (?) having your system install it it self, i dont really think you need your xp software.
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just because it has cheaper stuff that has been returned to them because they dunno how to deliver properly and people sent it back to them, doesnt make them better. the fact that Newegg doesnt have many returns, because they have excellent delivery makes them better. and the fact that if newegg has had a return, they give a brand new one no questions asked. one of the members hear sent back an Opteron and got back a more expensive opteron in return, can t remember which it was, but it was dual core. now thats service for you.
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Originally posted by john3
one of the members hear sent back an Opteron and got back a more expensive opteron in return, can t remember which it was, but it was dual core. now thats service for you.
Dude, that was obviously an accident. I doubt they actually want to do that and lose money.
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