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Default New to AMD

Ok, couple of questions. I have always built Intel systems, but I am going to build an AMD one for my next gaming rig. I was looking to get this motherboard: - ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail
Above link is the ASUS M2N-SLI deluxe.

Anyways, it says the FSB is 1000MHz, but it takes DDR2 800 ram standard. This is a little confusing, because if memory is bottlenecking the speed at 800MHz, why even have the board rated up to 1GHz? Am I missing something here or is there something different with AMD stuff I am not privy to?

Thanks for your help.

The system I was looking to build was that board, 2G ram, Athlon X2 5200+ CPU, and an 8800GTS 640MB gfx card. I was going to just get the one video card and then eventually get two when I have more funds and run them in SLI. Is this a good way to go? Looking for a system that will potentially last me a few years for gaming, and trying to prepare for games like Crysis and Warhammer. Thoughts?

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Default Re: New to AMD

I hear that the 8800GTS 320 is the popular one, best bang for your buck theory. ...

You know, I've always been a AMD guy anre really never noticed that the FSB and memory were different... maybe I just didn't pay attention.

The intel is currently beating AMD in gaming/multi-tasking/pretty much everything with their current line of processors, E6600 and up. I'm not saying that you have to use intel, but just thought I'd post the info.

I would look at the board, but newegg seems to have died, won't load up, so I'll look later...

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Default Re: New to AMD

Don't worry about SLI. It's just not worth it. When you get ready to upgrade graphics, go with a single card of whatever is top. Right now a single 8800GTX will outperform two 8800GTS. This will hold true as cards advance.

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Default Re: New to AMD

I've never noticed the difference either. hmm..
And do what trotter said. sli (imo) is a waste of money and always will be.
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Default Re: New to AMD

but I am going to build an AMD one for my next gaming rig
Can you tell us why you want to build AMD build ? Intel is currently much better, and there processor overclocks very well

For your information, AMD is not better for gaming.......It is your choice but I'm giving you an advice...........
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Default Re: New to AMD

Wow, lol @ you Maroon, Bigtime.

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Default Re: New to AMD

AM2+ and AM3 all the way woooo!!!!!!! your choice atm intel is ahead but with am2+ amd is suppose to reclaim the lead but who can really tell until the benches are produced
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Default Re: New to AMD

But don't forget that there are many intel mobo that support intel upcoming 45nm processors......
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Default Re: New to AMD

if you want to be soon get the intel
i'd suggest the e6550

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