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Default At a loss: BIOS Issues. Please advise.

So I had an A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard and it had an odd problem: When I would shut down my machine I'd have to reset the BIOS to power it back on, otherwise it'd just sit and run the fans and with HDD light on. So after trying everything (new BIOS battery, flash BIOS etc.) I bought a brand new mobo of the same type. Unfortunately, same problem. So I bought a new power supply, 400 Watts (ULTRA V Series) from microcenter. Same problem. I'm at a loss now, and I need to be able to change the settings in my BIOS because my CPU is clocked down to 1.24Ghz otherwise, when it should be around 2.04 (Athlon 2800+). I would greatly appreciate help on this.


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That Asus sometimes had a wonky bios sometimes, and one of the Demopoulous "uber" or "Traats" bios (3rd party moddded code that are well proven...PcPer has the scoop). One suggestion I've used is to clear cmos, then when you go in to reset to desired specs use the SAVE SETTINGS after each selection(without rebooting obviously till you are done). Have heard it explained that the bios could not remember ALL the settings at one time. I would double check everything, esp jumer settings. And do memest on ram, use only one stick, try different ram and cpu. Use all default bios settings, turn off any the manual. There are a few sites with forums dedicated to that venerable mobo.

You should list full specs...rule out it might be a defective card by stripped booting it, change all ide cables, unplug all drives, test with different hard drive. For it to persist through all the changes you have performed suggest its either something else, or a setting that you are using (wrong, unfortunately) on both.

I'd venture a guess either you have a flaky cpu or memory stick. Or possibly a jumper or other setting is set incorrectly. It usually is a stellar overclocking board, but using valueram, wrong memory timings, or wrong cpu clocking settings it can cause problems. BTW what do you intend to do with the extra board...sell/trade? Email me for further discussion if you want to sell/trade the extra, or further diagnosis...

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-------------Here is something I read---------

The A7N8X and A7N8X Deluxe pre-Rev 2.0 boards are to be avoided (I doubt
anybody has stock any more), the E is a much newer board based off of the
Rev 2.0 Deluxe, I'd imagine.

-------------So hopefully you don't have pre Rev 2.0?

------------I don't think you would have.

-------------something else I read ---------------

Actually, your A7N8X-E Deluxe should have no problem running the memory modules at 400MHz. But maybe your BIOS timings have been set way too tight for your memory modules.

So, just set your SDRAM timings loose. Try 3-4-4-8. If that doesn't work, then it's very likely to be a motherboard problem.

(which you couldn't have since you've had several mb)

------------Here's another one I read-------------

Might start by downloading the H.D. diagnostics for both drives and run them. Might show somethings wrong with one or the other.

Then download memtest, make sure no corruption coming from the memory.

Check voltages in the bios, low volts, can cause problems as well.

Just a few quick things to check off the list.

-------------This one you've probably already sussed out---------

The Seagate Sata drives are very demanding on your PSU so be sure you have plenty of power on the 12v line. (don't know what WD is like?)

Another member said he ran the Seagate tools and it said he had a filesystem issue, someone then posted that the diagnostice program has a flaw in it. Not sure I am ready follow this opinion just yet.

--------- same talk different person------------------

Also, themorterman is correct; I use Seagate drives exclusively and I found out, some while ago, that they use +12 Volts only as their supply. So your PSU has to deliver more on the +12V rail than usual !

You could check this easily if you run StressCPU along with the HDD diagnostic and f.e. MBM

Sorry guys been busy...Ran Memtest, no problems...did cputest w/
case 21c
CPU 52c
+3.3 3.28
+5.00 4.52
+12.00 11.37
-12.00 -11.75
-5.00 -4.93

Your 5v is too low.
4.75 is the lowest spec for the 5v line on a PS.The cpu draws from the 5v line.
Is it by any chance an Antec ? ..we have seen quite a few posts here where the 5v slowly degrades on Antecs over time .
Do you have another PS you can try ?

your max. CPU temp is OK

your +5 V rail is way too low
your +12 V rail is low too (in most PSU 's this rail is coupled internally with the +5 V rail)

----------------------------My comment---------------------

The only thing I can think of is that when you up the settings to get your proper cpu size maybe your ram is going up or your agp or both.

The only time I've had that problem is when I've tweaked my cpu or I've tried to get more from my ram. Also I had a MSI board that wouldn't take Corsair? I had to buy generic cheapo ram to run it

I hope this helps - I can't think of anything else.

I reckon not that I'm right but maybe its related to ram or bios settings, since your bios on default is fine. I'd looking at the default settings for your ram and agp then up your cpu and see if there are any changes to your ram or agp settings.
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Alright, if anyone has been waiting for the answer here it is:

I swapped out CPU: Didn't fix it.
Swapped out 2x512MB XMS3200 RAM for a 1GB 2700 Stick: IT WORKS!


I put my 1gb 2700 in the non dual channel slot and the xms3200's in their original slots and apparently this clocked teh 3200s down to 2700 or changed their CAS latency or something. I don't really care, because now it works and I can use my RAID-0 array and SATA drives. Wonderful. Thanks for the help ya'll, I wouldn't have spent the time to borrow a CPU to test it otherwise.

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I wouldn't disregard what pyromid told you. I know some boards use the 5v for the memory, I'm not sure if yours does or not. But either way your power supply is not operating to spec. You should probably dig out a multimeter and check those voltages for yourself.
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