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Talking Help me upgrade!

Hows it going.

I was given an HP a305w desktop computer for christmas like 4 or 5 years ago. There is no AGP slot, just the old school PCI slot. This means I really cant even upgrade the card to play the new games cuz the slot cant handle it. Im not very technical so I need your knowledge. Ha, alright, I would like to do the folowing:

1) I dont think there is a way, but if there is I want to run old school
PCI cards in SLI, even if I could I dont think it would work anyways.

2) Upgrade the motherboard, is my best bet because I cant afford a new computer, at all, not possible. Ill list the specs, but i think it will be real hard to find a working one with atleast an 8x agp slot. ( 8x is right?) I wanna be able to keep the processor, hard drive, ram, and whatever else i can salvage. Please list a motherboard or any other suggestion to get this puppy goin again. If nothing else is possible, I will invent something I guess ha....u can e-mail me at


Intel (R)
Celeron (R) CPU 2.7 GHZ ( it says 2.69 right under for whatever)
504 MB of RAM (I have two sticks of 256, it says 504 tho)
Hard Drive dont know..dont care i guess ha.
Radeon 9250 128 pci...which is garbage if i can upgrade i guess
ASUS CRW-4824AH drive

RAM speed is 2100-2700

make it work if u can, E-mail me if possible, cuz i dont really know how to use the forums


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you could get an AGP8x motherboard, PCI-E 16x is the newest standard but i don't think you could find a motherboard for your cpu with that. there actually was a PCI version of SLI (originally SLI belonged to 3DFX but nVIDIA bought them out) but that would not help you at all.

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Might wann upgrade your CPU aswell because Celerons perform VERY poorly in games. Here is a suggestion.

CPU: AMD 64 3200+, 512Kb L2 Cache, S939, 2.0GHZ - $54

Mainboard: BIOSTAR NF4ST-A9, nForce 4, S939 - $49

GFX: 3D FUSION Geforce 7600GS, PCI-E - $88

Well you might be thinking 2.0Ghz, thats not enought. Well I have some news for you. AMD's CPU's can handle more clock cycles per second. And the AMD 64 3200+ is equal or even better than a INTEL Pei=ntium 4 3.2Ghz. That CPU will peform millions of times better than that old Celeron you have. Or if you insist on keeping that cr@ppy Celeron than consider this video card.

GFX: DIAMOND X1300PCI256SB Radeon X1300 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI - $109

I would recommend the AMD setup but its totaly up to you. Please consider the AMD setup.
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Thanks for the Help everybody
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You will not (usually) be able to put an aftermarket mobo inside a proprietary OEM case/psu without extensive hardware mods( i have done so, but it takes time and tools, knowledge which you may or may not possess). Even a higher speed proc, unless there is an HP bios for it, will not work. All you got left is ram...which only goes so far. Donate as a grandma email box and start from scratch. AEven outright sale of entire system will be hardpressd to get $50 imho...
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