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uthscsa19 08-30-2005 12:00 PM

Computer Build Check - Looking to Buy this Weekend.
Budget 700-800 (Lower Is Better)

I am looking to buy the parts to a new computer this weekend. I am computer literate, so I know my way around computers, but this will be my first build. I just want to ask on here since you all are used to being asked whether a computer build will work.

What do I want to use this computer for:
1. Non-Hardcore Gaming with maybe some top tier games. I mostly play Civlizations III, MechWarrior and SimCity, but I'd like to buy a few new games and I want them to play them pretty well.
2. I want this to connect and run off my HDTV. I want to use this computer primarily running off my HDTV (Either DVI or component) My TV is an HDTV (1080i or will convert 720p signals to 1080i) and is a 4:3 that can switch to 16:9. I've put a 6600GT that has a DVI connector, but I want to be sure people have successfully and easily connected their HDTV's. I will most likely be using WinXP Pro, because I get Windows from my work for $5 but I dont think they carry Media Center.
3. I want it to do some basic Photoshop and music playing. Also some powerpoint, word and excel, but nothing to big.
4. I want to overclock, but overclocking is new to me, so I prolly won't go over the top with it because I only have money for this build, and not to replace parts if I fry em. So please bare this in mind when looking at my specs.

REFURBISHED: DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard - OEM ($79.20)

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 1GHz FSB 512KB L2 Cache Socket 939 Processor - Retail ($146.00)


RAM (Is there anything cheaper that will overclock well?)





Artic Silver: Recommended by many and cheap

Anyways, please let me know where I can cut cost out of this but get good performance and get descent Overclocking. I got a refurb'ed MB, and asked around about the good/bad and whether they have warranty, but still no luck. Please give me any advice you can.

Currently at $888 shipped, but I want to see if I can cut that down abit, and still keep the quality.

Steve M

uthscsa19 08-30-2005 01:49 PM

Hrmmm, no responses? I am thinking about switching the OCZ memory for patriot memory. They are both TCCD chips and the Patriots at 15 bucks cheaper and I think look better. Please, I need to know if this will work out or not.

PZEROFGH 08-30-2005 04:03 PM

the OCZ memory is very good for OCing

you can read this article about memory testing on athlon 64 systems

PZEROFGH 08-30-2005 04:05 PM

if your going to be buying the refurbed version of the DFi nF4 ultra-D then i hope you have IDE cables, SATA cables, and all that other stuff cd drivers, and I/O plates

Execute 08-30-2005 05:21 PM

That RAM should be fine for your system and OC well.

Heres a PSU thats 15+ cheaper and should be fine.

vaderpro 08-30-2005 06:49 PM

Good post, I see you've done your research.With a $800 dollar budget I would buy a case/psu combo like this one, It would be totally fine. I have one similar.

Also I would get cheaper priced ram and not worry about overclocking it. Like these:

U could also get 2gb of the above for the same price as the platinums.

I may have saved you enough money you could change your mboard to non-refurbished one. Hope that helps.

damasta55r 08-30-2005 11:40 PM

Don't forget windows if needed. Other than that, it looks good. I would get another psu though. ASPIRE ATX-AS520W BLACK ATX 520W Power Supply-$55


DJ-CHRIS 08-30-2005 11:54 PM


Originally posted by damasta55r
Don't forget windows if needed. Other than that, it looks good. I would get another psu though. ASPIRE ATX-AS520W BLACK ATX 520W Power Supply-$55


The thermaltake may not look good, but is 10X better than some crappy Aspire POS psu.

damasta55r 08-31-2005 01:49 AM

Care to explain how its better?

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