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roadrunnerhemi 04-06-2006 08:51 PM

fx5500 OC... Good or bad?
I have an unknown cheapo brand FX5500 that someone gave me.

256meg version, and its got a nice round heatsink/fan on it. I figured it was free so I really didn't have anything to loose by OCing it.. and it was a rather nice step up from my mx400. I used rivatuner and got it to 308 mhz core and 402mhz memory with no artifacts. I also believe my max AGP bus speed is 2x.

Is this decent performance? I am sort of new to overclocking video cards..

Oh you might want system specs: Compaq deskpro EN series

1ghz P3
512mb PC100/133
200 watt psu (standard)
Creative Audigy 2zs
120gb Seagate barracuda hd

and um I cut a window in the left side of the case and painted the case blue (left the faceplate white though) but thats not hardware related, just thought I would show off a little lol. :p

R1C0CH3T 04-06-2006 09:19 PM

Kinda hard to show off if u got a compaq.... and yeah thats fairly decent performance for a 5500, id go and buy a 6600gt for less than 100 tho

roadrunnerhemi 04-07-2006 05:05 PM

let me reiterate *free*

I don't have the money for a new graphics card, and I already tried to put a 6200 in here. I got 162 system not set and it wouldn't boot 1/2 the time. :( Not only that, I have a desktop case so the cards I put in here have to have their faceplates heavily modified to fit the case. ;) which makes things even harder...

I'm still trying to find a fix for the system saying it doesn't support the current processor :p

All in all its a decent system , very fast for multimedia, and it can play halo on high settings so I'm ok.

So for a freebie 5500 the performance is pretty good you say?

harry18 04-07-2006 06:00 PM

hmmm interesting, hows the fx5500 256mb, compare to a radeon 9700pro 128mb?

sonanse 04-07-2006 07:30 PM

i'm surpirse you have agp and i don't...goes to show (like what you said about halo) you can still play these games like Fear,but it won't be as much glory or prideful as a 7900gtx..

i was going to buy it but i'm wating for the 8 series with directx 10, i can live with my self and my radeon for a little longer..

reggie_da_man 04-07-2006 11:00 PM

Why the **** would he buy a 6600GT???? You'd have to certainly replace the powew supply. He's running on a PIII 1GHz with a max agp bus of 2X and he got the card for free.

roadrunnerhemi 04-07-2006 11:45 PM

You know I really wanted to use that 6200 I got, it was a verry nice card. I can get one pretty cheaply from newegg, but I got mine ( a bfg I think) from Be$t Buy on sale for $99. Had to take it back though, If I get a bigger psu can I run this? I mean... will the 2x agp limit me at all? And will I see a performance increase?

Another psu is no biggie for me, I could probably get a 300 or 400 watt for 30 dollars or less that would be tons better quality than the one I have, and use the one I have for parts. ( I desolder everything I can re-use on electronics, those big ol' 200v filter caps are nice for tube stuff too! :D )

I'm not sure about how It compares to the 9700 Pro.. I'm not too familiar w/ that card. We have a 9600xt w/overdrive in our older pavillion and let me tell you that is a nice card. Its core clock is 500mhz and around 350mhz memory. Completly whoops my fx5500 by FAR. Our x700Pro in our new Hp media center whoops up on the 9600xt too. I'm not sure how the 9600xt compares to a 9700 Pro though. I'm sure my card is a lesser product, and honestly I don't see any increase in performance having the 256mb memory on my card.

SHAWN 04-07-2006 11:48 PM

AGP cards today require at least a 4x/8x slot. I would not waste the money on an old 1ghz compaq anyway. Plus AGP will be phased out soon.

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