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Default Fans Fans And More Fans!!!

So I just ordered the vantec tornado the other day, 80mm with a 84CFM rating and all that good stuff. I checked my computer temperature before I shut it down to install the fan to see how much of a difference I could get. I replace the rear intake with the new tornado (yes I know most people have rear exhaust) so anyway I had a cpu temp of 57C (yeah that sucks regardless I know this too) and after I install the fan and put the fan that WAS there in the temperatures rose 2 degress celcius.....Now I'm no expert in aerodynamics, but USUALLY when you have more airflow than before shouldn't it cool **** down not heat up two more degrees to now sit at 59C cpu temp? For one I believe I need to get rid of the grill at the rear of the case, because the little metal grills that are there when the case is built is just restricting too much airflow. Ontop of that I need to do a little rearranging, but still it boggles my mind how a 2x more powerful fan RAISES my temperatures........any ideas

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Temperatures arent always as steady. My CPU temperatures range from 25 to 30c. I dont think that putting in the case fan did anything to cool your CPU. It did create more airflow, and got the heat from the CPU out of the case, but didnt cool the CPU any.

I am pretty sure thats what you are experiencing here. If you want to cool your CPU you shoud buy an aftermarket heatsink and fan. I like vantec. From your temps, it sounds like you have stock, and if that processor is dated at all, AMD used to make really crappy heatsinks and fans. I dont know anymore because I ALWAYS buy aftermarket fans for AMD.

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i dunno shouldnt the more airflow cause cooler air to be used to cool off the cpu therefore reducing temp? i dun really know but thats my .02

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That fan is to joke!!! I bought one for my swiftech MXC478. It is a darn good HS. With stock hsf, I was over 60C under stress and 50C idle,....with the tornado on the hs, my temps went to 40C under stress and 30C idle...but my case temp rose about 7C!!!! That thing sucks so much air that if it is not situated properly, it can screw up your air flow. And it is LOUD!!! I think that you are pumping more air in than you can get all that hot air stays in your case. Simple, either get a different intake, or by another tornado for and exhaust.
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well I made the powerful fan as my exhaust and now have the side and front as intakes. So technically there should be more exhaust than intake which is basically what I had before. It SHOULD cool my CPU down because my cpu was at 64C with no case fans and stock heatsink. Yes I do have stock heatsink on this one and I thought I said that guess not, but I have an aftermarket heatsink and fan but I'm waiting to order a new processor before I use it, and I got arctic silver 5 for it. Once I added the powerful fan as intake my temps on the cpu ROSE 4C....thats not right, so right now I guess its about even, no loss no gain with rear powerful exhaust and side and front intake =/
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