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Originally posted by gurusan
Some intel chips support DDR2
But no AMD?

That explains why Mac has it.



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alienware sucks *** anyway.

Why pay 3000-6000 for a ****ing computer when you can build aw better one much cheaper

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Originally posted by Ridlyn
when did dell buy alienware.
March 22nd, 2006
Dell just confirmed today that it had acquired boutique PC vendor Alienware. Alienware's Nelson Gonzalez said that his company will continue on with its own brand, design, sales and marketing, and support, though, so Alienware isn't going anywhere just yet. Gonzalez also said that Alienware PCs would not carry a Dell logo, and that he would report directly to Jim Schneider, Dell's chief financial officer. "I think that you'll find it very hard to find the Dell name on the [Alienware] web site," he said.
Originally posted by gurusan
alienware sucks *** anyway.

Why pay 3000-6000 for a ****ing computer when you can build aw better one much cheaper
What if you don't know how to build a computer, can't, or don't want to? What if you want a real support network, a guaranteed machine, warranty, or you're interested in owning a mercedes of manufactured computers built by hand?

Just because you can build one yourself for cheaper, doesn't mean that's a universally held realistic viewpoint.

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Originally posted by joshd
eerrr... no cpu in that build?
Fixed, go back to page 2. I used either a FX-57 or x2 4800+
Those seem to be the most popular and best performers in their field of single and dual core processing in my opinion.
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Originally posted by Ridlyn
funny you should be talking about saving money and just overclocking cpus turbo when you have 2 $900 cpus.

When you have $9000 to spend it would be stupid to buy an opty 165 and risk the chance of damaging with just overclocking it, when you could get a fx-60 and have the 2.6ghz guranteed, then with water cooling you couuld pust it even further then an opty 165 could ever reach.
Well rid, i am a fan of the monster power, so inorder for me to get that i need a system that can run more then one phisical cpu at a time, and the only boards that do so a opti 2xx series and up, WELL AS FOR AMD. So in order for ME to get the best performance i had too spend the amount i did, i have no options to get 4 cores out of a 1xx series opti system or any athlon system, and my comment was aimed at the crowd that does not have a grand to spend on a fx-60, so that is why i spent under 8k on my system and i have more power then that dell ever could, well not graphics at least. and at the time i bought my cpu's STUPID ME i droped 1300 each, so i am still a little but hurt about that, and then about 2 weeks later DOWN WENT THE PRICES, lol.
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Default Re: Dell starts selling $9,900 overclocked gaming PC

Originally posted by Warez Monster
which also houses a Western Digital 160GB 10,1000rpm Raptor hard drive and - in case you run out of room - a second WD HDD, a 400GB, 7,200rpm job.
Well, interestingly enough, Western Digital doesn't make a 160GB 10K Raptor. They make a 150GB raptor but not 160GB. And it's just not you're mistake it's also listed as "Dual Western Digital "Raptor" 160GB RAID 0 10,000RPM" on dells website.

And it's not (2) 74GB raptors cause that would only be 148GB.

So someone has screwed the pooch.
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is it still up on the site like that? Either WD pulled a fast one or people are getting fired by the hour at DELL lmao

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