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Default Re: New 960t in a asrock 970 extreme

Originally Posted by Mike-Techno-Thug View Post
No, you may need to look at amd again, keeping it at a high OC will shorten the life span of it over time, doesn't matter if you have a low voltage.
Most cpu's these days have a life span between 5-7 years.
If you OC for too long you can say good bye to your cpu alot more quickly then you expected it.
I'm surprised you didn't kill your i5 alot more quicker than you had it.
You got away with murder on that one and you had some close calls for almost 2 years right ?

Also roark the highest temp I hit on my 6 core and 4 cores was about 97c before the alarm went off and the system shut it down to prevent damage.
Like Ghost said you can manage pretty good 65c-70c, but anything pushing it pass that your asking for problems soon.
Typical life span of any CPU is between 10 and 15 years or longer, OCing of which only slightly shortens the span. I have a S939 3000+ that has been at 2.8ghz (1ghz OC) since 2005 and a 3800+ X2 that has been at 2.7ghz since 2006, both of which have had 1.55v coursing through them. As you go down in nM the 24/7 maximum safe OC voltage decreases. I wont put anything past 1.45v in a 45nm CPU and I wont go past 1.4v 24/7 with a 32nm CPU whether it be Intel or AMD. My old 940BE is still rocking at 1.55v at 3.8ghz under a TRUE 120 Black in the low 50c mark load. Been that way since late 2008 which according to your theoretical limits should be dead by now. Silicon degradation is highly over rated with OCing as a "scare" tactic for noobs. Hell, I have a P1 133mhz that still lives after a 2.2v 166mhz OC since 1999

I have only killed one CPU of which I had major help on. That was my first i5 750 which ran at 4.8ghz -44c for 2 months before I got hit by a major power brown taking out my RAM, CPU, and Mobo (other appliances also dead). This i5 750 I have in my gfs rig has been sitting at 4-4.2ghz under 1.4v for its whole lifespan and hasen't shown any signs of deterioration at all. The only way to kill a CPU by OCing is by being stupid. Being stupid meaning too many volts for the job, trying to get over an OC wall, running the chip too hot (as in 75+c) for way too long, or any other such thing. You can't forget that with the previous gen Intel CPUs RAM volts were a major problem too of which people carelessly putting 1.9v DDR3 2000 in their shiny new Intel rigs and burning up chips. Fortunately for me, I was never that stupid.

I should also add on, that if server CPUs only ran for 5 years then there would be virtually no server market. Server CPUs can run even longer than desktop CPUs because of a high bin.
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