Zion 512 MB 400 Mhz Ram Shows 333 Mhz :(

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Hello Friends!

This is my 1st post here !

I have a Asrock 939NF4G-SATA2 Mobo. Bios p1.30 .
Running XP+SP2 , AMD Athlon 3000+ (64bit) , 1 zion 512 MB 400 MHZ Ram.

Problem is: In Bios It shows:
Total Memory 512 MB with 64 MB Shared.
Single Channel Memory Mode.
DDR1: 512MB/166 MHz (DDR 333)
Bios Version:939NF4G-SATA2 Bios P 1.30

Also Using CPUz Memory Freq. is shown 164.4 MHz

I had taken out the RAM module to check it. It shows:
512MB DDR PC400

It is an Original Module : Hologram ,sticker , transparent packing ..everything is there..

And also i bought it from a reputed dealer at kolkata : Supreme !
In the warranty challan it is also written ZION 512 MB 400 RAM.!!

I can't figure out ...whats the prob... Why the bios/cpuz shows it to be 333 MHZ Ram.
Any Ideas?

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I agree with worldindustries also , Does your mobo supports 400MHz modules?, if not it will read it at 333MHz.


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Hi Thnks 4 replies!
The issue is resolved.
@ Bios : Advanced>CPU Configuaration>Memory Clock
This setting was auto!

I kept mt finger crossed and Changed it to 200 [133/166/200 was available]

Now Bios shows DDR 400 !! :)) Whew ! What a relief!!
CPUz also Shows Memory Speed as 200.9MHz

I am a Happy chap now!

But still I wud like to know :
My MoBo supports DDR400 , then why was it was showing up the module as DDR333 ? I understand the setting was auto and the RAM itself is DDR400. Shudn't 400 be selected by default?

Thnak god I decided to double check the Manual,Forum and Bios!
I was getting all revved up 4 a fight with the VENDOR :0

Thank u all 4 droping by.


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No idea. I'm guessing your mobo detected the RAM incorrectly. As long as it works correctly right now, I wouldn't complain too much :p


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3dillusion said:
I also posted this Q @ http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?p=262247&posted=1#post262247

Now this guy SamRulz is suggesting that "..but there might be some problem or somethin....with the memory detection...."

Now this has me zapped!!
Is there any chance he is correct? If there is any prob in mem detection , will it cause me trouble in future ?
What shud i do :(( ?
Pls Advice!

No! For some reason the auto cofig. for you RAM is DDR 333. Don't worry about it as you have it runnig correctly now!!
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