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I live in a brand new subdivision and cannot get anything except dial-up internet service. Cable runs less than 500 yards from my house, but does not come into the subdivision. The cable company says that there is not enough demand to run it into the subdivision.
Residents approx. a mile from us can get DSL but we can't. The phone company says they will put it in when there is enough demand.
Everyone in the subdivision has satellite TV so there will probably never be a demand for cable. (Satellite internet is too expensive for this poor boy)

Anyone got any ideas on what to do?


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write letters explaining your personal needs as well as your "small business needs". yea, the small business needs may be a bit a stretch from the truth but it will jusitfy your purpose better. also, the "demand" isn't there because people in your subdivision probably aren't taking the initiative to make the demand visable. create a petition that residents in your subdivision can sign and then send this along with your letters.
this communication that "the demand isn't in your area" is a bunch of BS that they are told to say when the service isn't available in the area yet. try and climb the chain of people that you talk to by writing letters and making lots of phone calls. engineering works...if used well :)

you may also want to consider verizon wireless cell phone internet plans. this involves purchasing a cell phone that you connect to a USB port and it receives a faster connection to share with your computer than a typical broadband connection does. not sure of the plans and costs but i'm sure it's easy to find on their website.
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