Your daily routine

DJ Stephen

Fully Optimized
We haven't had one of these for a while and I thought it would be interesting to see everyones daily routine. post it here.

Mine is as follows:

0630 - alarm goes get angry and hit it
0631 - try and forget i heard it and turn round and fall asleep again
0650 - phone goes and throw it
0651 - asleep again :D
0700 - waking up starts
0715 - usually fall down the stairs
0730 - breakfast and get changed
0745 - Leave for the bus
0754 - get on bus usually
0840 - get to school

0850 - 1520 - learn
1522 - get on bus
1600 - off bus
1615 - get home
1616 - tick the day off my calender of days until xmas
1617 - 1700 - computer & homework
1715 - dinner

1800 - computer, sport & homework

2200 - my sexy bed :D

mark thorpe

Golden Master
0600 - alarm goes
0615 - up and shower
0630 - take dog for walk
0730 - leave for work
0800 - start work
1000 - tea break (full english :D)
1245 - lunch
1500 - tea break
1700/1800 - finish work
1900 - dinner
2000 - 2200 - walk around harlow drinking stella and walking the dog
some time after that - bed


Proper Legend
06:30, woken up by alarm, but put snooze on till 7am :)
07:00-07:45, have a wash, have some food, get organised, sometimes watch a bit of tv.
07:50, leave the house and leg it to the bus stop (the bus usually gets there about 07:53).
get on the bus and get to school about 08:50 (it waits at one bus stop for like 10 mins if we are early, bit stupid really)
08:50 - 09:15, is registration, which is pretty pointless,
09:15-3:45pm, is lessons, with a 20min break at 11:20, and 50 mins lunch at 12:40.
3:50pm approx, i get the bus home,
4:35pm approx, i get home
4:35pm-7pm approx, i attempt to do homework, go on my laptop, and do anything else i need to do.
7pm-8pm, usually having dinner, may also watch tv or do other stuff,
8pm-11pm, computer time, or i do anything else i need to do
11pm approx, is bed :)


Golden Master
usualy a college day
7:30 woken up by noise in the house or a parent
8:00 get out of bed and go get some breakfast
8:20 get dressed have a wash whatever
8:40 leave the house for college and walk
8:50 arrive at college have a laugh with some friends or whatever
9:00 first lesson - whatever it is on that day
10:15 break time
10:30 comunications , which is our colleges way of saying registration
10:40 lessons
1:10 lunch yay :D
2:00 lesson
4:00 home time yay
4:30 latest time i arrive home usualy
5 ish eat
after that some days i go swimming some days i do homework walk the dog etc so thats all random
10:00 have a bath
then about 11-12 go to bed


Golden Master
This will be under the school's schedule. Much brighter to use.

5:15AM : Wake up and get up
5:16AM : Get dressed and go to kitchen to make my lunch (If not made the night before)
5:20AM: Get the coffee machine loaded up for a run and put dog #1 out.
5:22AM: Get on the computer to check e-mail, while waiting for coffee
5:30AM: Swap dogs from dog #1 to dog #2. Get milk on the way back
5:32AM: Get the drinking into my sytstem while surfing the net
5:40AM: Get dog #2 in and close doors.
6:00AM: Father leaves.
7:00AM: Get ready for leaving the house to go to school.
12:00PM: lunch
4:30PM: Back home
6:00PM: Supper
10:00PM: Sleep.