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I know this doen't really fit here...
I thought it could go in general hardware software, then I though it could go in security hacking, or opperating systems...

but then I thought it'd be better if we put in in the social lounge and actually had a social discussion about it all...

what is it?

It's your chance to make a difference (in the UK only). [sorry that's only a chance to make a difference in the UK,,, US/Canada/AUS etc... contributions are welcome!]

The House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology has appointed a Sub-Committee, chaired by Lord Broers, to investigate personal Internet security and has invited comments from the IET.

Abstract The wide-ranging enquiry will consider the nature and scale of the security threat to individuals, public understanding, responsibility for tackling the problem; the regulatory framework for internet services and the Government’s handling of cyber crime. It is likely that the IET’s response will focus on tackling the problem, specifically:What can and should be done to provide greater computer security to private individuals?

What, if any, are the potential concerns and trade-offs?
What is the level of public awareness of the threat to computer security and how effective are current initiatives in changing attitudes and raising that awareness?
What factors may prevent private individuals from following appropriate security practices?
What role do software and hardware design play in reducing the risk posed by security breaches? How much attention is paid to security in the design of new computer-based products?
Who should be responsible for ensuring effective protection from current and emerging threats?
What is the standing of UK research in this area?

The IET Trustees propose responding to this consultation and invite comment from Members who have expertise in this area.

Members contributing are asked to state their relevant experience. All inputs will be treated confidentially in the production of a corporate view and individual contributors will not be named.

Provide comments or opinion If you are a member of the Institution and wish to provide input to the Institution's response please send your comments to [removed] no later than 02-Oct-2006
you can find out more about the government innititive here

I'm invited to comment on such crap as this all the time, but since it's a slow day at work I thought I'd open it up for the wider discussion and (of course) pass on any comments...