Yet another PCI VS. AGP Thread.

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This ones a little different the reason this whole thing started before was because of

Interest. On to the differences. now itÂ’s actually needed for something useful I got another

Friend since I told him what I did for my other buddy I built him a computer he went out

And got all the parts himself since he knew what he wanted like jimmy did when I built

His for him but he wants me to assemble it for him like I did jimmy hereÂ’s the thing I just

Got all the stuff today case motherboard etc heÂ’s got a AGP 4x slot and thatÂ’s it and four

PCI slots just normal PCI not PCI-E hereÂ’s the deal he still hasnÂ’t got the video card he

Wanted yet but he said which should he get a PCI card or an APG card so I told him I

Would ask here and see what you people have to say what would be faster an AGP Card

ThatÂ’s 4x AGP or a PCI card? And heÂ’s getting a newer card heÂ’s willing to spend around

600bucks for one so recommendation of good video cards to recommend to him would

Be nice too since IÂ’m still new to this kind of thing even thing I now know enough to get by. Thanks again everyone.

Note: IÂ’ve been told AGP 8 xs is faster then PCI because itÂ’s 2.0 GB and PCI is 33megs
But what about APG 4x and PCI?
AGP 4 is half as fast as AGP 8. Do the math.

If you don't want to, then here it is: AGP 4x is better.

And $600 is a bit to spend on a video card if he only has a AGP 4. Get a new motherboard and a new video card.
There's math involved? I am still learning about the computer

world when it comes to videocards I still dont really know jack.

and I'm not spending the 600 I'm the cheap one Id spend 150$

max and thats a maybe ok that's a good idea I'll tell him to look around for a newmotherboard and a videocard.
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