Yet another new member...any Brighthanders here?

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Hi everyone. Yet another member.

I've been trying to find a good general tech forum since Answerpoint was I'm hoping this is it!

I'm a member on the forums of which is a PDA website. Just wondering, any Brighthanders here on these forums?

Edit: Sorry...forgot to include this. I don't yet have a conception of the general level of computer knowledge here...I'd call myself advanced but not expert. Can build a general x86 computer, but can't compile a program in C++. Leaning about Linux...not to knowledgable there. Love doing what Microsoft says can't be done to their OS...such as changing the boot screen by decompiling ntoskrnl.exe :p . Mac supporter (but I don't want to start an argument there) who owns a Dell Inspiron 8200.
Myth Pharoah said:
qiranworms, welcome.

That edited part of your post is very un-understandable.

Too true, I wasn't really thinking when I wrote that. :p

Well, I was actually just trying to give a small idea of my tech experience, and I was writing my thoughts not paying attention to the sentance. Don't bother sorting it's not too important. ;)
Welcome and I hope using this forum suppplies all the help you will need plus giving you some enjoyment at the same time
Glad to have ya. And don't worry about the babble at the end of your "Hello" you'll find that most of the regulars just babble on about nothing all the time. Sometimes it's useful babble sometimes it's not. Like right now... this is useless babble. :)

I'm aware of this, as I already participate on another forum (, where I have 94 posts of mostly babble, or spam as some call it :p ).

It increases your post count :D:D:D
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