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Giga-byte GA-7AXP (I think thats the right model number)
256 MB PC2100 RAM
80 GB 7200 RPM Western Digital
SB Live! 5.1 Sound Card
e-GeForce4 TI4200 64 MB Card
Maxtop Midsize ATX with 350W PSU
Athlon XP 1700+
I/O 48x16x48 CD-RW
Artec 56x CD-ROM
Windows XP Home

She's beautiful. Although I didn't know what I was doing half the time and had to have a friend smack me over the head a few times. But it's all good.
Well done freechus9 sounds good any chances of getting some pictures of it here and in the gallery?
Nope :( I didn't have any cameras on hand, and it was part of my business so the guy we sold it to wanted it ASAP. Oh well...the next comp will DEFINITELY have some pics!
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