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My alias is Teufel.

Computer hardware and software has been my hobby since I was a kid; I have probably got around 10 years of experience. I guess you could say I'm an enthusiast. I love computers, especially hardware. I'm fairly good at both hardware and software and it has helped a lot over the years, mostly aiding other folk with their gear, or building up my PC, and scavenging for parts. ;)

I've recently spent over a £1000 on my gaming rig, and a few hundred more to come, as I plan to SLI two PNY 550Ti cards. My original plan was a sound plan of SLI-ing two 560Ti MSI Twin Frozr II OC cards, because they'd rival (in some cases even beat) even the 580, but alas, money is tight, and I have other things to put cash into. I figure two 550Ti-s would be bad-ass as it is, since just the one floors almost anything I throw at it. I'll end my introduction with my specs, as that may interest people.

I'm happy to help, as I end up doing it anyway. My specialty lies within towers/desktops not laptops, and I don't deal with water-cooling, so these areas I will be practically useless to you in. I'm good at optimising operating systems, games, overclocking GPU/CPU, PC building in general, and troubleshooting OS problems. The majority of my experience lies within AMD processors, AMD motherboards, and nVidia graphics cards, as apposed to their respective alternatives. That's about all I can think of regarding what I can and can't do. Hope I can help some folks out, while I'm here.

OK, that should do it for now, here's my specs:

Windows 7 - Ultimate Edition (32-bit)
K-720B "Gaming Case" (red 'n black theme)
One rear 80mm Arctic fan.
One front Silence 120mm Red LED fan.
Two side-panel Antec TriCool Red LED 120mm fans.
One base Syth 100mm fan. (disconnected until I can get a protector for it.)
3.25" front-placed Fan controller (3 lines and red fan-controller lighting knob)
STW-5002 LCD control panel. (set to red lighting)

PSU: Alpine 750w < Upgrading to a TX950 Corsair, soon!
Motherboard: ASUS 990FX
CPU: AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 OC @ 4.5GHz (1.40v)
(Max Fans: On-Load=43c Idle=4c)
(Minimal Fans: On-Load=52c Idle=8c
CPU Cooler: Arctic Freezer 13 (is absolutely amazing with this CPU)
(CPU Paste: Arctic Silver 5)
GPU: PNY 550Ti (stock clocks) < Upgrading to an ASUS 580 DirectCU II, soon!
RAM: 2x 2GB DDR3 @1600MHz (Corsair XMS3)
Optical Drive: A total mystery, here, but it's a decent DVD/CD-RW drive.
HDD 1: 1TB S-ATA (internal)
HDD 2: 80GB S-ATA (internal)
HDD 3: 1TB S-ATA (external)
HDD 4: 500GB S-ATA (external, and not used)

Keyboard: Logitech K300 Compact (black)
Mouse: iTrust GXT 32s Gaming Mouse (black 'n red)
Mouse Mat: SteelSeries Surface QcK (black)
Monitor: 20" LCD widescreen Samsung SyncMaster 2030 (black)
Speakers: N/A (I use high quality headphones at all times)

Cost to Build:
Total: £1200+ (after Corsair PSU and ASUS 580 DirectCU II GPU)
^ RRP would be drastically higher than that; I saved several hundreds. :|


Yet to be updated with the new SLI setup, because I'm still not able to order the damn parts. >.< Soon, though... soon... Elf Tage bleibt!

14/04/2012 external picture of my rig, originally took to display my LCD device:

Although the above picture doesn't pick it up (I had to use my camera flash) there is indeed a red LED fan that shines through the mesh on the lower front of the case; you can just about see some red, in this picture.

The LCD thing I'm not happy with, but it'll do; it does all the usuals, but it's not new as the seller on Amazon stated, and I'm pretty pissed off about that, as all my parts have since been brand new. :| I'm keep ahold of it until I find something that actually has a red and black theme and is better quality.
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